Grains to grind

The fatality of the link

You have the choice between these different options. Which one do you choose?

The Hill of the Cross

Jules receives a Pandora's box which is delivered to him by an Amazon.The box contains a message that invites Jules to find out who killed Jesus Christ as well as two other crucified people. Jules must go to the heart of the Empire. Arrived at the Palais Jules is received by Lupsilon" who tells him that he will be able to find Eve on the island of Huahine. Transported to the time of Genesis Julius meets Adam, Eve, the Kama rabbit and the serpent Sutra. Eve is only interested in her Messenger. The birth and other episodes in the life of Jesus Christ are part of the investigation. A banquetis organized. It brings together a table of twelve. One conclusion is obvious to Jules: they are all guiltybut some are more guilty than others.

The murderer of rue Lantiez

Serge endures a painful working day at ChronoEmpire where his boss Antoine Grunstein does not give him any gifts. He finds his wife Linda with whom he occupies a second floor, rue Lantiez. While going buy his bread he crosses paths with Grisoblinsky. To perform his job Grisoblinsky must do the acquisition of a weapon. The killer escapes the vigilance of Madame Algo and he goes to first floor to execute Professor Jacques Valère. He has an appointment with Madame Chelou at Hard Rock Cafe. Madame Chelou goes to her hotel and receives an Email. Grisoblinsky is obviously guilty. ... Is that all?

Paste and cut

Max has organized his life as a single person which has some bad habits. "Chez Georges" is his favorite place. He consumes whiskey there without moderation. Between Alice and Olga her life is sometimes complicated. Poker gives her adrenaline rushes. An accident interrupts its mad course. Revenge of a mistress? Is Max still in his dream?

The world of the Chevalier

Chloe and Christine live in a nice house with their parents Sébastien and Myriam. Sébastien is the pastor of the church While Chloe prefers school, Christine prefers the bistro.As for Miriam, she likes to relax in her bathtub. Upon the death of Myriam Chloe ?... Christine ? asks Jule Compacteur to investigate. Jules discovers a clue which allows him to designate a guilty. ... an evidence.

Game over

On the crime scene Jules questions Elise, the wife of producer André Durand. At Bistrot Autrement Jules questions an employee of André, the PetitFaitout. The PetitFaitout promotes the singer Ariana who lives in the hope of dying alive. According to her boyfriend Ninja, who wants to save the world, Ariana is in the grip of zombies. At the end of his investigation Jules can designate a culprit and un coupable et de move on.

The world according to Grunstein

Albert Grunstein is thinking of getting out of his routineHe takes a flight to Singapore He is accompanied by Fabienne who has abandoned for a time her swimming pool. Albert is in trouble with his partners with which he developed a production of watches. When Albert Grunstein disappears, you have to find out who are the suspects? and who is guilty?

By Greg

Greg runs a bistro. He lives in the area where Gilles and Betty Lenox whose son is Bruno..Betty Lenox died of food poisoning. In the same area Tatiana manages energy thanks to her superconsciousness and she draws the tarot cards. Who is behind the poisoning of Betty? Who is guilty?

Work in progress

Miss Ylang Ylangis far away now. Thomas has set up a simple organization and he has a gynoid to help him with the housework. Ariana also assists her with her translation work and thanks to Sylvia's work she can also hold a conversation Thomas's death was due to a Javascript overdose? or to some other reason?

Jack Dreamer's Travels

Is the grass greener elsewhere? After much research Clyde still cannot answer this question.
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