Grains to grind


The fatality of the link


The interactive form of these stories is presented only in French.

The Hill of the Cross

Around the Vatican.

The murderer of rue Lantiez

Mrs Algo lives rue Lantiez. She is the concierge of this parisian building which has six floors. On the first floor lives Jacques Valère, an embittered professor. In the second Linda Robert continues a depressive daily life.

Paste and cut

Max frequents the Chez Georges café. ”He plays poker.

One last smile

The first findings at the scene of the crime are the essential element of any investigation. In this case there is not much to note. It is a living room with large bay windows that allow you to enjoy a garden.

Jules Compactor

The adventures of the famous detective

The world according to Grunstein

Is there a pilot aboard the plane ? Gérard Grunstein a disparu. La nouvelle a jetté le trouble sur les grandes places financières.

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