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Les voyages de Clyde


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... A route. Is the grass greener elsewhere? After much research Clyde still cannot answer this question. Putting some order in the layers of memory is a first step in her attempt to answer this difficult question. Pictures of discovered landscapes can help. Adding a few comment sentences is another feat.

Paradoxically, the places where he spent the most time weren't where Clyde photographed the most, probably because countries are more photographed than they are visited. Living in a region does not really bother to keep memories, by living there one accumulates enough memories and knowledge of the inhabitants and their culture replaces the clichés.

Some tourists are scrupulous accountants who keep precise accounts of the places they have visited as if it could be of the slightest interest. Clyde is counting down places where he could have continued his life. He has a few friends left around the world. He often contemplated landscapes with intensity, measuring the slight chance of being able to return one day. According to Clyde, travel is a lonely endeavor, it requires an ability to detach from friends and loves in order to keep the authenticity of the discovery.

The traveler treats images like he treats other products. They are a marker of an episode that he accumulates on digital media that have replaced the albums. By being impersonal will Clyde's landscapes survive? Its images are intended to appear on the net and therefore have low definition. The first images were taken with a Mavica, with floppy disks as a storage medium. An order of presentation is necessary. For a while Clyde presented his most recent images before the oldest. One way to comply with the order followed by the PetitFaitout, when the flow of novelty constantly relegates images of the past.