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Page 1 - Miss Ylang Ylang


1 - 30 october 2020

... She's far away now, yet Thomas keeps thinking about Miss Ylang Ylang, her long legs and her scent. Always brave, taking off on the waves and always landing well in its axis. Companion of the gentle breezes of the trade winds and sure ally in storms.

Page 2 - Hello !


1 - 1 November 2020

... Thomas follows a simple organization. This Sunday, November 1 is the first day in a series of thirty. It provides for thirty sections in this file and each section will report on the progress of the writing of the site pages. His writing has two parts and for a few weeks now it is especially the code part that dominates. He works as a copyist monk. Before any expression in a language intelligible to the human ear, it must produce the illuminations that will allow him to claim aesthetics. This does not come down to choosing a typeface, it is a set of problems that he must resolve to achieve a production that will appear on his screen with the qualities of a digital object.
The first virtue and the first constraint in writing code is that it can be improved ad infinitum. Thomas writes only for a site that is sen and it has been going on for over fifteen years now. This represents a number of lines of code considerable. The number of lines erased is infinitely greater than the number of lines of code on his current site, even though he has happened to not produce a line for months or even years. Before they get lost in his oblivion, he takes stock of the questions he has had to solve in the last few weeks, at least those that have taken him the longest:
To present his site in different languages ​​he has used images in the past. Small flags are a very poor and above all inaccurate solution, unless one does not wish to be read outside an area which does not exceed the limits of the National territory. In fact the language in which the title is written is a sufficient marker. On the other hand, it seemed desirable to him to be able to switch easily from one language to another. He finally selected a coffee grinder that combines modernity and tradition. It just so happens that during this last period His Majesty GoodGold got confused on this question of languages. Hence the disturbed search results which somewhat shaken the ranking. This is probably the reason for which his site reached 417 impressions on the Google Search Console on September 16 and was immediately forgotten.
As it is necessary to find virtues in this confinement, Thomas is forced to an objective of putting in order. In the website category this results in eliminations. As far as the code is concerned, we must consent to abandonment. They are time consuming when they question the organization of its XML files. He had considered for a time that he could access his pages by presenting three images on the screen, the one on the left for the past text, the one on the right for the text to come and that of the center for the text being read. This may be appropriate and it is quite easy to set up, but it then seemed to him that this approach was in contradiction with an access to the sections of its pages mainly based on the Game.

2 - 2 November 2020

... The new version was transferred after a relentless slimming treatment. Thomas sidelined the entire travel and sailboat part. This is not a renunciation of future travel, rather a concern for consistency. If he wants to develop the visibility of its site it should not stray from its main theme. The travelogue is a variation of the interactive narrative, but since he wants to deal with police intrigues his stock of photos of islands and lagoons does not really lend itself to exercise. He prefers to keep his memories of Miss Ylang Ylang intact.

It is a question of putting files making it possible to treat an intrigue, a crime, suspects as well as the choices making it possible to designate one or more culprits. It is this theme which forms the basis of most of the literary production and cinematographic, and Thomas lets himself go with the flow. He just added icons and buttons to the layout. The game is based on the principle that the player finds the resources that will allow him to move forward in his reading. As a first resource is needed, Thomas stuck to Genesis. After biting the apple, the player has to get to work. The page that manages suspects only works with JavaScript functions and the text remains to be written. who killed a certain J.C.? The answers from the church are not entirely foreign to me, and the question is arguably blasphemous. At least it has the merit of feeding Thomas grain to grind.

3 - 3 November 2020

... Who killed J.C.? Thomas has finished writing the functions that allow selection of culprits from suspects and a payout per exact answer. VielAbram, Eve, Adam, Judas ... he made a batch of twelve and he wrote some functions that make it possible to compare the choices of the player with the choices of the author of the game, that is to say himself. The list is not exhaustive and no answer will ever fit into a coherent pattern since the death of Christ by definition escapes human justice. Thomas has been dragging a few texts on this theme for a very long time, but the subject has always seemed particularly difficult to him. Yet it is particularly rich with the considerable amount of surrealist stories contained in the Bible. It is not this reservoir of stories that made him choose this theme, but it is the playful option of my text. How to start a story in which the player must have resources for his progress? According to Thomas our mercantile universe we Constantly takes away from the obvious: the only resources that are very real are the resources of nature. The other items are either objects from nature, or symbols intended to ensure the distribution of these objects, even though the nature itself has become a commercial object. The currency used in his games was initially the Sou. He then opted for Libra, the Facebook currency for its digital and universal character. On the other hand, he must have noticed that this currency meets with great mistrust. And then Thomas distinguishes the hard cash transactions banking transactions. He therefore had to choose a term that could be translated graphically. Tune, Sorrel, Flouze, Pépette ... his choice was fixed on the Ronds. After all this distinguishes this numeraire by its form. As a penny has never been square, it sticks there for now, knowing that it will take a few clicks to change the name of the currency on its pages. He must also control his meta tags, keywords and others hreflang intended to please His Majesty GoodGold. This game is really not his favorite, but it is absolutely necessary before the next transfer.

4 - 11 November 2020

... It will soon be a week since he wrote a report. The difficulty does not come from a lack of activity, quite the contrary. It has been a long time since he immersed himself in his work as a programmer. Since he doesn't work for a company, it is not subject to constraints, it defines its objectives every day. Being unaccountable he works just for the sake of seeing his pages appear on the screen, as he intended them to be. It takes both chess and scuba diving. A way of forgetting a daily life that is not really attractive in this month of November 2020. Since it has become difficult to travel so much to find new areas of exploration. Thomas must first complete current stories, but he discovers new areas. There is this chatbot code that should help renew the interest of the story, but you have to apply a formula well known to the programmer: we'll see that later. On Monday it was a question of cleaning up the functions that manage the files. Tuesday was devoted to the development of the game of poker. On Wednesday he worked on the functions that navigate between floors of a building. The tomorrow will be devoted to a game that simulates the activity of a company. Or it will be a matter of inserting videos into the course of the narratives, it will depend on the inspiration of the moment. It changes life in the great outdoors. Thomas is confined in his jar and he contemplates the world through the prism of his screen. He just goes out to buy some food. When we set ambitious goals we have more time for nothing. Thomas didn’t even unpack the package that arrived on Monday latest. This thing should not be among the basic necessities. With his big winks, the Amazon delivery guy must have assumed it was a blow up doll. Based on the size of the object it could be roughly that. Here again Thomas sticks to the same principle: he will see that later.

5 - 15 November 2020

... Weird things are going on in this apartment. It started after his implementation of the Chatbot. It has nothing to do with the usual demands of his Compactor. He receives more and more messages urging him to read such and such an article political or who advise him to buy certain products. There are also all these warnings which warn him against viruses of all kinds, dangerous for himself or for his Compactor. All this is in fact just the normal functioning of his universe and these phenomena are part of the usual intrusions. That had been Thomas' appreciation until then. Thomas' relationship with the outside world has become rather tenuous. He exercises control over the world around him most immediately. Thanks to the Compactor he built a universe where order and harmony reign, an organized world thanks to the different files that allow it to reign over its environment. For the aesthetic part, it has a CSS directory and files perfectly organized to contain all the images necessary for the illustration of its projects. Data submitted to rules of an XML structure are parsed by sophisticated algorithms written in JavaScript. Thomas walks in this field with a feeling of freedom that must be roughly equivalent to that of a goldfish in its bowl. In these difficult times we have the friendships we can ...

There are always things that don't work. So despite the considerable sums charged by the building manager, the elevator breaks down regularly. As the crampedness of the apparatus requires promiscuity, Jules is delighted to practice a little exercise.

The failure is a bet for the life of the object, but in recent days things have become much more worrying. Thomas was having a very pleasant dream when the Compactor set off in the middle of the night. The Compactor is placed on a nearby desk. When Thomas interrupts his convict activity he leaves it on standby, but he always turns it off at night. As the Compactor always makes noise when he wakes up this alerted Thomas. Did he forget to switch off? Or he woke up in the middle of the night to complete a code page? Impossible, when he is not asleep Thomas runs the algorithms in his head, he prefers to stay snuggled up in the warmth of the bed. And then there were all these events that made Thomas wonder and worry. Thomas likes to exercise control over the objects around him, but it seems that in recent weeks that control has tended to escape him. These ones are household appliances that are triggered unexpectedly when they are supposed to obey all the directives that he has put in place on his tablets and on his remote control boxes. There must be a problem somewhere and it must be Thomas was initially convinced of the latest algorithms he produced. Couldn't there be a problem with the Chatbot? Yesterday he spent the whole day on the parameter entry code. Was a virus hidden in the code? The analysis he carried out using the best antivirus in the world did not reveal anything.

There has to be an explanation somewhere. What if the solution was in the package delivered by Amazon? Jules put the thing in the guest room, postponing the time to put this new object into operation. It would be necessary all the same let him take a look ...

6 - 23 November 2020

... Happy who, like Ulysses, had a nice trip,
Happy who, like Ulysses, saw a hundred landscapes ...

Thomas finds the atmosphere rather heavy, he misses the sea air and the beauties of the sea. He escapes by working on the conciseness and the beauties of the code. He thrives on writing algorithms, a variety of gymnastics practiced in a space closed and protected from light.

He had just left for a quick tour of inspecting his simulation poker game procedures. The implementation allowed him to get a score and name the resulting combination, pair, straight, full house ... from a random draw. It worked, but the principle of the game was not respected, since the player got a score, nothing to do with the process of a game with partners.

It was supposed to take half a day and Thomas has been working on his code for almost a week. This is a question of reasonableness of the game. The procedure which performed the analysis of a combination of 5 cards is now to perform five. During hours Thomas wrote procedures that saturated memory. He ended up nested his loops correctly and he was shouting victory, but he just uploaded this version to the server when he notices the disaster: his procedure scoring works, but sometimes it skips a pair count. So a week is not going to be enough when he had planned a little walk in the park.

"Do not reinvent the wheel" is an essential maxim for anyone working in this field. Thomas knows the matter has been discussed by others before him and he sets out to find a solution with the help of Comrade GoodGold. Finally he notes that his code holds up and that a few corrections will suffice without having to enter into reasoning held by others. Thomas leads a life full of surprises and twists.

7 - 29 November 2020

... Thomas regularly inquires about the situation in the country where he left his sailboat. Hurricane Eta succeeded Hurricane Iota, the images sent to him by his friends who stayed behind are those of streets and homes submerged by water. The damage caused by these climatic disorders has been added to that of the pandemic, but without the messages from his friends on social networks, Thomas would have remained in the dark about these calamities, the shade of gray in the hair of the 'Agent Orange being the only subject at the moment.

To survive the chaos, Thomas limited his scope by seating five players at a poker table. It deals cards to them using functions that produce random draws. The first version of the game is never satisfactory. It results from the production of a whole set of functions resulting from some algorithms of the initial problematic.

The algorithm on which his game of poker is based is very basic. The power of code lies in its simplicity. He first got lost using sophisticated functions, to come up with an exchange algorithm: to exchange securities of x and y, z takes the value of x, x takes the value of y, then y takes the value of z. We understand that if the value of x is not stored in z, it is no longer possible to retrieve it and supply it to y. Using this procedure it is possible to build the five-card hand that each player establishes from a seven-card deck. Repetitive structures make it possible to present the stages of the game until the evaluation of the different hands that will determine the winner of each round.

Thomas patiently develops his code. The issues come with the progress of the project. When the functions that make it possible to establish the score of each player have been written, it is also necessary to consider the case of players who fold during the part. Thomas managed to solve this scenario, but a detail still offers resistance when the player who gives up is the last on the list. One ultimate weapon, however, is in its panoply, the one that says we'll see that later. The few films that have taken an interest in the work of the programmer make it a very different representation from what Thomas saw. These people are producing code at phenomenal speed. They draw the bytes faster than their shadow. If Thomas manages to immerse himself in the writing of his duties, enough to forget the passing of time, however weariness eventually sets in. Sometimes the success is immediate and these moments are particularly rewarding, but often the solution does not come at the first draft. When ballad possibilities are limited, Thomas looks for other ways to rediscover the appeal of his abstract games. Strangely, ditching the keyboard for pen and paper sometimes allows him to find a way out in the tangle of procedures.

Thomas would like to have mastery of the "Reset" key which allows you to refresh your memory and find a problem with a new perspective. He noticed that sleep can fulfill this role. He lacks an excuse to take a nap between two algorithms. He misses this companion who knew so well how to distract him from his weariness and open doors for him to somewhere else. Fortunately, when he focused all his attention on crafting the messages intended for his stupid machine, he still has some household chores to accomplish. They are few in number, but as they have become more and more heavy, Thomas has a whole set of devices equipped with automatic mechanisms designed to spare him any constraint.

It seemed to him that his connected devices had experienced some disruption, but he wasn't entirely sure. His doubts became a certainty when he heard it. To enhance his hours, Thomas has set up a playlist composed of his favorite artists. The lists he programs are meant to furnish, he avoids text songs that might distract his attention, and he sometimes forgets this presence. The voice was not powerful enough to cover the piano by Keith Jarrett, but he heard this "Hello" perfectly from a woman's voice.

He immediately thought of a virus. There are many intrusions on his workstation and Thomas is always on alert.

8 - 30 November 2020

... He has lost the taste of others. Context played a role, but his current attitude doesn't just come from there. Thomas complied with the security measures with an ease that seems suspect to him today. He felt a kind of perverse pleasure in lock yourself in solitude. Thomas has a kind of philosophy based on the principle that it is necessary to find without the help of anyone a process that gives life all its spice. According to him, happiness depends on determination of each to find the approach which will make it possible to find a pleasure of living, he is convinced of it.

This disease makes you lose the taste of food and it seems strange. When in order to defend yourself you have to hide part of your face and keep others at bay, submission to this obligation disturbs everyone in an intimate way. Thomas read that confinement causes an exacerbation of violence within family cells. Locking yourself in a closed room, remaining in a fusional state, exacerbating your neuroses to the point of coming to hate the other, it is a painful experience that for him belongs to a very distant past.

They are all witches. The last one must already be there somewhere waiting, a scythe in hand. Yet woman is the future of man, he cannot forget her, he cannot forget any. How could he come to terms with his current situation, a life tasteless and odorless?

Thomas went to the room where he stored the package delivered by ZoneAma. It's time to open up. Thomas is feverish. He's a beast machine, he made it clear in his order that he didn't want his robot to look like an inflatable doll. Show off that kind of thing would make him sound like an old pervert. In addition, he will be ridiculous to his friends whom he hopes to see again one day. He has waited a long time, it is due to the worry that has nestled in his brain. The description was precise but it must unpack to know what to expect. The object is quite large and he can't imagine being forced to hide it in a corner of his closet. His supplier therefore offered him a model described in the catalog as having “human” shapes. feminine without the characteristics of the inflatable doll "So he ordered a gynoid with a completely seductive aesthetic, a humanoid variant deprived of an attribute essential to seduction: legs. Thomas therefore has a robot aesthetically interesting down to size but resembles R2-D2 in terms of motor skills.

He should have taken scissors, tearing the wrapping paper makes him uncomfortable. Under the bubble wrap he finds her quite successful aesthetically, but they made her big breasts, no doubt to compensate for the lack of legs and to strengthen belonging to the female gender. Thomas should have clarified. They probably thought they were doing a commercial gesture, but it failed. It just adds weight. Obviously this is not a problem, with its mode of movement its robot will remain perfectly stable.

Thomas does not have any electronic skills, however enough to check the specifications of the motherboard. And then he suspects an intrusion on his network. A reset should fix the problems he has encountered recently. Under the hair the case is held by clips. According to the terms of the contract there is a risk of loss of the guarantee but Thomas manages to open without damaging the plastic. He needs a needle. He finds one in a sewing box. He lime the end so that it is not too sharp. He knows where to press to reset.

The machine makes a sort of clicking sound. Everything is in order. Yet before closing Thomas's fingers encounter something odd. It is the color of plastic, but under his finger Thomas has the feeling that it is something different. The surface is smooth, but there is something soft that gives way under the pressure of his fingers. Thomas puts the housing cover back on without difficulty. He is uncomfortable though.

9 - 13 December 2020

... He realized it gradually. At first he had sensed an unmistakably artificial scent, a scent designed to cover the smell of plastic. Gradually another smell took hold. Thomas has a preference for the smell of the skin, but the period makes this difficult.

In his romantic relationships Thomas assigns the highest ranks to those who have passed all the hardships that precede this moment when two beings face the uncertainty of a day which begins. The intonation of a voice, the warmth of a smile or the lightness of a caress, so many passes, so many signals that invite him to set out on the journey. Thomas watches the creature parked in a corner of the kitchen. Despite the performances of the artists who worked on this model, he does not feel a great empathy for the thing produced by ChronoEmpire. This is due to the fixed gaze, but above all to the motor skills option chosen by Thomas. Since he takes on the housework with the belief that this is a feminist attitude, the fact that the thing rolls off seems perfectly fitting. The optional sexual attributes offered by ChronoEmpire do not have it convinced.

He always starts his day with a hearty breakfast prepared with the greatest care. Thomas attaches particular importance to the first moments of the day. He considers them decisive for the success of his companies. He knows that he must above all avoid embarking on a procedure that would lead him into repetitive loops, those that will steal his time and lock him up in labyrinths. Before any other step he must define the strategy that will allow it to refine its procedures while avoiding getting bogged down in a problem. Regarding this first part of his day, the stages are perfectly established, the question crucial being to know how he will cook his eggs. Having frequented all kinds of tables, from the humblest to the most prestigious, Thomas knows the importance of this issue. It testifies above all to the interest that the restaurateur has in his client. After years of research Thomas has finally adopted the cooking that suits him. Now it is time to pass this precious knowledge on to the creature:

- What's your name?

- Ariana, my name is Ariana. I am very well. Thank you. Please.

This extreme politeness immediately made Thomas impatient, who recognized the linguistic conventions implemented by ChronoEmpire. The conversation with a voice synthesizer makes Thomas uneasy. He does not especially want not develop a sentimental attachment to an assembly of plastic and metal. Although the thing is aesthetic, it does not exude any sensuality and the breast protuberances offered as a bonus by ChronoEmpire rather tend to reject him. Thomas therefore returns to sit in front of his Compactor, man-machine dialogue is ultimately what suits him best. When Thomas was working, messages would appear in the lower right corner of his screen only to disappear after a few seconds. This is the latest political event or a great business opportunity. Most of the time Thomas is too busy to care. Some people may have such a high level of responsibility that they absolutely have to be informed in real time of any event of importance. Thomas is not one of them. These intrusions always come when he has to concentrate on a particularly delicate procedure. Among these messages, that of His Majesty reminds him that he is not subservient to the Empire. Thomas doesn't really know the extent of his liability, so he prefers not to answer.

10 - 14 December 2020

... - I am very well. Thank you. Please.

The creature has a BlueTooth which allows it to be heard on the connected speakers. Engineers found it amusing to house the dedicated electronics in a blue plastic box housed in Ariana's mouth. It is quite original but doesn't have a lot of conversation. The engineers mainly worked on the bodywork, they neglected the vocabulary and to hide the shortcomings of the beautiful they made a special connection for connect the gynoid to different social networks. Ariana therefore mass-produces all kinds of very flat formulas. It is therefore easy to recognize the trademark of PetitFaitout. A message has just come to appear at the bottom of the Compactor screen:

- Too much thinking leads you to ruin. It distorts your assessment and it makes everything more complicated. Thinking produces worry. Thinking makes things much worse than they actually are.

This concentrate of nonsense is inscribed with a sumptuous typeface on a colored background of sophisticated contrasts. Thomas has just immersed himself in a procedure that should significantly improve speed execution of its application. Instead of causing worry, the thought provokes great well-being in him. The worry he feels has another source: Thomas rarely receives an assessment of the quality of his works. He is aware of his limits and is able to detect some of his mistakes, but an outside look can be useful. Thomas tries a new approach:

- In the last version of my procedure I transform a text and images to make an XML object. The Javascript procedure allows me to extract the information I need to display them in the DOM while using XHTML syntax. What do you think Ariana?

- The approach is really excellent, Thomas! Will I call you Thomas? I am sure you will be successful. The work you have done is simply magnificent.

If he wants a critical reflection on his work, it's not won ...

11 - 23 December 2020

... In fact If Ariana does not have all the qualities required to brighten up her awakenings, Thomas still appreciates her motor skills because it has been perfectly designed to bring him the breakfast tray. In fact, it is his strong chest that allows the tray to remain stable as it propels itself to the edge of the bed. The plugin provided by ChronoEmpire to regulate the cooking of eggs is easy to use. The toasts are toasted to perfection. On a technical level, the breakfast delivered by Ariana brings a completely positive change when he woke up and the kitchen always remained perfectly clean and tidy, a constraint that Thomas tended to overlook.

- I can also do the oil changes.

Thomas almost choked. She must have recorded the noises from the last night, when he couldn't get to sleep. As he tossed and turned in his bed, Ariana’s database analyzed the sounds made and here is the result : she treats him like a filthy vehicle! Ariana’s masculine ideal has wheels, which makes perfect sense. To give it autonomy its base has been equipped with batteries which are quite heavy and a charger. To preserve aesthetics feminine the base of the creature has a skirt. As Thomas is obsessed with this affair, he has not escaped this obsession with seeing under girls' skirts, and he knows that this obscure object of desire has been given a hole. In fact he is reluctant to experiment with Ariana's drain service.

Under her plastic surface the creature must emit all kinds of currents. This witch would be well able to offer him death in the form of fireworks, that glorious end referred to by the term epectasius in ecclesiastical terminology.

Page 3 - Hello !


1 - Chatbot

... On the other side of the Atlantic, a young computer engineer has produced a program that allows a chatbot to work. It is implemented in Javascript, it is embellished with explanations and it fits on a page. The face that appears in the insert wonderfully illustrates the alliance of beauty and intelligence.

To adapt this code to his requirements, Thomas set out to change the sentences designed for this exchange from the status of variables in a javascript file to that of data in his XML files. It uses different directories according to the languages. The operation turned out to be delicate, but it ended up being successful.

The icing on the cake, the wonderful young woman who provided the code for this bot also attached a speech.js file. For a few more lines of code, the creature first spoke in English, then in with a strong accent. English. Substituting the voice.lang = "fr-FR" line for the voice.lang = "en-US" line will have been enough to ensure its mutation. To marvel at the feats achieved by youth continues to be part of the pleasures of my daily life.