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By Greg


Page 1 - Le bar


1 - Clutter

... Clutter, corkscrew, bottle opener, scotch rolls, markers, pens, candy packets, tubes of glue, matches, city maps, stapler, empty ashtrays, trays, the barrel of beer to change, empty bottles to clear out. A customer. I shake a hand. A glass of beer to fill. Funds musical. The electronic game next to the bar responds with a few notes. He does Grey. The bar offers this lighting that makes the brass of the drawers shine. beer.

2 - He's fat

... He's fat. He has a red face behind his glasses. He says there is still time to pass before we have sun. He said if there wasn't all this fleet and all this wind would be fine. He has already filled and emptied his three glasses of white wine. A sponge on the bar. Come on, have a nice day! Business is progressing. It's almost eleven o'clock, customers are starting to arrive. It's about cars, trifecta. I fill the glasses. I pick up the pennies in the cash drawer. Here are three who have not slept. Three young boys who hung out in a nightclub, then came here in following their journey from bar to bar, an itinerary always perfectible.

3 - Jojo

... This is friend Jojo. Representative in wines and spirits. A life in bars and in the cellars. From eight o'clock and sometimes even until midnight. Drunk every evenings. Most of my friends died on this diet. Jojo resists well. With its long stations in bars he grew overweight but his heart resists.

4 - Jef

... The only place where Jef still holds his place is at the bar where he drinks his pint. He has been playing man for a number of years. He knows the shoot and milling as well as all sorts of things that have become unnecessary with the appearance of numerically controlled machines. It has however retained its strenuous period of regular schedules. He orders the first pint under the nine o'clock strokes and the last one around nine o'clock. On Sunday morning is reserved for the population of all those whose religion is alcoholism.

Page 2 - The area


1 - The area

... You know the decor all too well. It seems he is unbearable. You support it because you don't know any other. Your family occupied an apartment in a building bar. Seen from parking lot, it is a row of windows that one can hardly distinguish among others series of windows, and you cannot distinguish your building bar from other bars of buildings. It's called social housing. Fifteen floors. The stairwells stink. No one Borrow them voluntarily, except when there are power outages. Power outages it seems that there never was when they built the building, but they are more and more many. It doesn't always work well, even when the electricity is on. Besides people are generally in a bad mood. They say nothing works and they exaggerate hardly.

2 - They moan

... Gregory has a brother and two sisters. The boys each have their own room and the girls live together. As well they frequently express their indignation at such discrimination. They still live in the cited and nothing has changed. They moan. At all hours of the day they moan and the whole city shares this culture of permanent discontent. This is obviously justified when you have to cross corridors filthy and smelly to get home. The walls themselves express a refusal of well-being with their obscene inscriptions. There is no way out of misfortune and when the gaze seeks to escape it discovers no horizon. He was born in this neighborhood which determined his entire existence, a submission, an absence of prospects, the certainty that there will be no escape.

3 - Kids

... He was part of this brat which is the only wealth of the deprived cities before it becomes the worst calamity. Gregory doesn't often see his father. His mother drops him off at the daycare center when she leaves for work or he stays at home with his older sister. Later it is he who will have to take care of his younger brother. Gregory retains few memories of the setting of his childhood. The apartment he lives in today is very close to that of his childhood but it is not never makes it to his old neighborhood. The small plaque bearing the number 4 above the ground door floor is still the same and he can spot the three windows that were his only opening on the world on one of the facades of the building. He only remembers the large sofa and the game with which he had undertaken to fight the monsters. On the territory of the zone only the weed managed to survive and it did well. There was bigger and stronger. In the zone he ended up finding his place between the skinny guys and the big athlete-built babies.
- Move away, it's my place! "Andy can't stand us taking his place on the sofa. Otherwise he won't. does not flinch, busy checking the images moving in the skylight with his zapette. Andy is the Gregory's younger brother. He is obese. He has asthma. He is diabetic. Beside him Gregory does athlete figure. As soon as he was able, Gregory took care of his little brother. They followed the same diet of chips and candy bars, but while Andy eradicated the aliens with his game controllers, Gregory was preparing for an international career.

4 - International career

... For a long time he believed in it. His head and feet knew no rest until he reached a prodigious ball control. He managed to get into a local team and he stayed a long time seated on the substitutes' bench before entering. When at last he was able to enter the field he had to be disillusioned. He wasn't running fast enough, he wasn't tall enough, he wasn't enough resistant. It was a period of disillusionment that he did not endure. One day he even pulled out a pistol under the nose of Abdel, the grocer of the neighboring district. - Go sorrel! Give it all I tell you!
He had a sock on his head and Abdel did not recognize him. These are the kids of the city who could not shut their mouths on the gun, motherfuckers! After his release from prison Gregory sided with him.

5 - Cook

... Student not very interested, he accumulates delays. He was technically oriented and there was an uninterested apprentice. Then he made his debut in a great restaurant. He was judged too slow there and he moved from the kitchen to the bar.

6 - You repeat ?

... Your days are alike. In the morning you do the housework. This is how all days. First you prepare the children for school. We must serve them their breakfast, check the contents of their bags. As soon as they are gone you heave a sigh. You can now have your time but you always do the same.

Page 3 - Gilles


1 - Gilles

... Gilles retired to his bunker. Gilles must adhere to a discipline. The family prosperity depends on it. He claims he is the only one capable of develop an argument that will make it possible to fund the bank account of the family. Gilles is the author of a method to earn money on the Internet while staying at home. In fact he did not find anything to sell, so he sells his method. It is a set of advice contained in a document that we can download from the site and of which he is the author. If Gilles is not really sure the effectiveness of his advice, in any case he sells his method. It's absurd but that doesn't bother him because according to him the world is absurd and he is running to ruin. Man will only be an incident of the course. When he has definitely sacked its environment, destroys all the fragile and beautiful things offered by nature to invade it with its imperfect and grotesque creations, it will be replaced in turn by a more resistant species. Gilles has a weakness for ants, a species that on a world scale seems to him much more harmless than the human being. Gilles is convinced of his power over the world. He believes he can handle it as he sees fit.
Betty still marks her assent to her husband's speech. She never fails to mark him her admiration and ask him some naive questions. She could see that pass for a idiot has many advantages, including that of exercising control over the person who believes he has power. It is however a subtle art and demanding because sometimes you have to endure some wounds of self-esteem. Betty copes with it quite well. On the other hand there is one which remains difficult to to control is his son Bruno. He also spends a considerable amount of time in front of his computer. Late at night Betty hears the clicking of the keyboard.

2 - Bruno

... It is a cross-country track with its small hills, its series of bumps and its corners with insane curves. The stands are full. The loudspeakers spit out a thunderous music which mingles with the roaring of the engines heated to maximum. A ten motorcycles are on the starting line. A moment of inattention and half of the competitors overtake him. Bruno puts on the gas and his machine goes full blast. The first corner is pretty rough. He manages to avoid the fall and he continues at a hellish pace. He is furious at having let himself be surprised at the start but he has decided not to stop there. He catches up to number 5. When he comes within range he tries to prevent Bruno from zigzagging in front of him but Bruno tightens the inside of the curve. To the coming out of the bend, he goes straight on the wall of the stands and hits him. He's down. He lost consciousness for a brief moment, but recovered quickly. He is in the race again. He is invincible. One by one he catches up with his competitors and he exceeds them. They are really too bad. Bruno still offers himself some spectacular falls and he sends a few competitors to the mat by hitting them. Of course it's only a video game but he's the best. At least for now he is convinced of it.

3 - My Antoine

... Game S.M. The unconscious desire for murder. Exercise it on a poor girl instead to exercise it on his wife. How not to kill when it comes to overtaking terminals. My name is Lily Bros. Our Lord Jesus Christ has a lot to forgive me. It's his that I address my words, but I wonder if he really has the sufficient capacities for it. I should perhaps address myself directly to GoodGold but he Seems like the Big Boss doesn't give a damn about my little things. In fact, I don't really have a relationship with either of them, the company Holy Spirit father and son does not seem really reliable to me. From the start, moreover, he Weird stuff happened in their house, worse than in the Adams family. I do not feel not really a vocation of Mary Magdalene, Jesus always seemed a little puny to me. Finally for what concerns me I really only have one boss, it's my Lord and Master, my Antoine.

4 - Betty Lenox

... Betty watches behind her curtains. His gifts allow him to have more information about your life than yourself. She makes her fat and comments on the events of your life with a whole host of malicious thoughts. When you see her curtains quiver heavy with dirt and dust, you know that she is watching you and she greets your passage through final judgments which constitute its morality. Bitter and revengeful, she tries to fill the void of her vegetative life, his lack of project and ambition through speeches that fill his boredom.
- I'm sure it's him! It's Bruno!
Betty called Gilles to help. She had to shake him a bit, Gilles had invested himself in a clever calculation intended to demonstrate to a large number of customers the infallibility of his method.
- My password is no longer recognized. I have done this twenty times! Do you find that normal?
- Are you sure you didn't make a mistake? Is the caps key blocked?
- Obviously! I know it's him, it's a message from my supra-consciousness. It's Bruno!
When it comes to such extremes, Gilles knows he cannot contradict her. He therefore asserts his determination to fight against Bruno's misdeeds, although he knows that Bruno is not interested really to his mother's correspondence. However, he must show his good will and stay ahead of head with the monster. This will earn him a few hours of peace because the unlocking capital letters have no secrets for him.

Page 4 - Tatiana manages energy


1 - Tatiana

... Tatiana manages energy. She is using her supra-consciousness! Use of cards.
Gregory Martin runs a bar. He no longer sees Betty Lenox because Betty Lenox died in the hospital. Diagnostic : food poisoning. According to the survey conducted by the police Betty Lenox prepared the mixture herself which has her poisoned. His daughter cannot be satisfied with this result. It seems necessary to conduct the investigation by exploring the hard drive of the victim's computer. A certain Tatiana seems to have exerted an influence on the victim.

2 - First phase

... For you Tatiana has created a protective magnetic shield that surRonds you. This shield allows repel all the negative vibrations that hitherto prevented you from taking the good ones decisions. Indeed, Tatiana perfectly perceives the negative vibrations that surround you. These vibrations crash like waves and they are a considerable brake on the determination you must demonstrate to get what you are owed. As soon as these vibrations are stopped, you will feel immediate well-being and you will feel ready to perform miracles! Bruno thinks he only Mother Algo can invent such things. She is super connected with occult sciences and she has a formidable talent for convincing. Bruno loves going home to collect his last communications. He always expects to see a ghost appear from behind a cabinet or to see moving a table possessed by a batting spirit. If he doesn't believe a word of all the things she says, he finds that she arrives has very good results since the sales of magic rings and numbers of luck keep increasing.

3 - Second phase

... In the second phase of her personalized help, Tatiana will help you capture the best opportunities of your life. You are probably unaware of it, but they are there all these positive waves which you cannot see, but which is the real path to success. Thanks to the help personalized Tatiana, perfectly suited to your case, you will have the power to capture all these opportunities. This is when your life will change!

4 - Third phase

... In the third phase of her personalized help, for you, Tatiana will act on your psyche to force your destiny in a way that allows you to lie down in the bed of happiness. She will put herself in duty to turn a number of situations to your advantage. Isn't there today, right now, a whole bunch of pressing issues you want to get rid of? Born don't you feel that despite your best efforts, your life is not going the way you would like it to be? go? This third phase will help you solve these problems, and it will also help you to direct your life to the right path, away from today's problems and all the worries you assault.

5 - Fourth phase

... In this step Tatiana will reveal to you some of her secrets, and the techniques that she does never before revealed to anyone. This will allow you to have luck in all areas important things in your life: love, money, work, family, relationships, friendship. She wants your happiness and she has decided to reveal to you and you alone some technical secrets that she never has revealed to anyone. She only uses these techniques when she thinks it is very important, so as not to say essential, immediately summon the chance! Of course she asks you to never reveal these secret techniques to anyone. Sharing her secrets with you is the ultimate sign of trust and friendship for you, but she knows she can have complete trust in you.

6 - Fifth phase

... Thanks to her gifts of clairvoyance, Tatiana will now carry out for you a tailor-made clairvoyance which will apply in all major events of your life. Imagine that she is standing next to you and that she gives you personal advice on every move you are about to make. She goes assist you in each of your choices and she will be there with you whenever you have a decision to be made. Everything will therefore be much better for you, that's obvious! This is exactly what that she will do for you and this very special clairvoyance will give you all the answers to all the important decisions you will have to make, Tatiana will be with you personally whenever you need his help.
Tatiana works remotely, but there's no substitute for real-world counseling.

Page 5 - Consult


1 - Consult

... To consult you must pay. In Jules' detective work there are more or less exciting periods. Investigations that fill out divorce records are the surest way to make money. This supposes fe long waits to take a photo, painstaking work to establish schedules, surveillance work that does not require great insight. For the present case Jules understood that he had to resort to the perspicacity of Tatiana? He decided to consult her.

2 - Pay to see

... It takes money to consult. However Tatiana is sensitive to Jules' financial difficulties. She gives him credit. However, since she has a direct connection to the banking system, she checks her client's debt beforehand.

3 - Payer 3 bucks

... Une consultation coûte 3 bucks.

4 - Consulter


5 - The hermit

... The hermit is the ninth arcane of the Tarot de Marseille. A hermit is a man or a religious living alone, away from the world. This card shows an elderly man, carrying a lantern and a staff. We can guess a book at his feet. On the way to tarot, this passage represents a phase of solitude or crisis. The hermit is a character who has acquired or is trying to acquire the wisdom to better guide others with his lantern. We can also see it as an introspection where we shed light on our past to draw the lessons from our experience, a spiritual mutation with the search for light.
Experienced man, wisdom, selfless love, readings on the meaning of love, few desires, celibacy, single or man enjoying loneliness, expectation, prudence, spiritual man, therapist or person who gives good advice, accounting, introspection, retreat, book, read, readings of sacred texts, spiritual retreat.

6 - Strength

... Strength is the eleventh arcane of the Tarot de Marseille. This card depicts a woman taming a lion. We can therefore wonder about the meaning of the name given to this arcane: We can understand that when the soul tames its personality or the part animal (the lion), it results in a force and a great energy. § Note that the force has the same hat as the juggler: They can form a very beautiful couple. Self-control, woman with character, energy and will, sexual desires, strength forms a perfect couple with the juggler, physical work, following one's instinct, physical performance, courage. Self-control, the higher self tames the animal part. The soul masters the personality, obey its soul or inner god. Stay in this building. It can't be better elsewhere. I am going to take a great trip. Organized trips. A departure not for a vacation, but for a long time µ It may be following a meeting.

7 - Empress

... It is the access to the mastery of the idea and the knowledge, which authorizes the generation with certainty and wisdom. The Empress is one of the most balanced cards in the tarot, despite her odd number, therefore by nature unstable and open. It's here assertive creativity, power, the self that asserts itself in the world with ease, lightness, and without worry. A beautiful young woman, or young man (the blades sign above all the state of an evolution) sure of herself / himself, so much of the power of her beauty, of her intelligence, that of the capacities of his acquired knowledge to act according to the correct standards of action.

8 - The High Priestess

... Tatiana turns over a card. It is indeed her, the High Priestess, this woman with a very cold sexuality, this vile mixture of frustrations and frigidity, this lack of wisdom, this lack of real moral quality, this immense rigidity.

The situation is serious and the world is on the way to ruin when the High Priestess appears in the midst of the ruins. His head is decorated with the donkey's cap which symbolizes the refusal to learn. It carries the authority of dogma. She rides a big white horse with hooves red with the blood of corpses he crushes under his feet. She advances and she slices with her sword the unfortunate ones who pass within her reach. Under her left arm she holds a book, also red. She recites the articles of the Code and she finishes reading each paragraph by a movement of his sword which comes down on the heads which pass within range. The population cries out in despair. The mistreated people demand compensation and they come to confront the forces of repression. In response to his cries he does not receive nothing other than baton blows. Fires ignite and outbursts of anger escalate into civil war. The earth opens up and huge walls of water come crashing down on the shores. She does not forgive and she stands stiff on her horse while that she crosses towns which are now nothing but smoking ruins with streets strewn with corpses and dying. She is followed by a horde who howls in frustration. Some bow down. They say their devotion to the powerful, to a bourgeoisie authoritarian and conservative.

9 - The Hanged Man

... Sacrifices well lived, not choosing, doing nothing, waiting, rest, deepening their projects, person who isolates themselves from the world to find themselves, necessary food work, well-lived unemployment, the moment to choose or to act n 'is not come, let go, hide something. realize and become aware of the enormous possibilities of the brain, self hypnosis, program oneself as one wishes to be, meditation and prayer. Common interpretations of Hangman upside down in a print (aspects negatives): Sacrifices badly lived, not being able to choose, laziness, waiting badly lived, lack of rest, not sufficiently deepening his projects, person who isolates himself from the world and who does not live badly, couple attached by habit, unemployment, food work that we do without pleasure, blocking, laziness, not daring to say no, feeling imprisoned, hiding something and experiencing it badly, others program you in their images. Lack of meditation or prayer, not making enough to become such that one wishes to be, lack of letting go, spiritual asceticism badly lived.

10 - The Moon

... The Moon is the eighteenth card of the Tarot de Marseille. If the draw is positive, the Moon signifies imagination, intuition, dream, reflection. If the draw is negative, then it signifies jealousy, deception or disappointment. You are going to meet the man (woman) of your life. It will be love at first sight. You will see it and you will know. It will be the one you've been waiting for. The only one that can suit you. It is unique. It will be yours and no one else. You will need multiple partners. This is how. You want to know everything. Just one thing seems insufficient to you. You don't have a small appetite, but an ogre's appetite. You did not ask to be born, but now that you are here you have a simple requirement: you want everything! You will be left alone. Not out of spite, but because you consider your company too valuable to be able to offer it to the first comer. Getting a woman into bed is a daily goal. It is a bit tiring.