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Page 1 - La scène du crime


1 - Game over


2 - First findings

... The death certificate mentions a date of birth of the victim which makes it possible to estimate that Elise Durand is younger than her husband by at least fifteen years. When she woke up early this morning she was worried not to find him near her.

- At what time did you notice the death?

- A little before seven o'clock. I don't really know anymore. I was really upset.

However, she does not seem unduly disturbed. She is a beautiful brunette woman with lively eyes who seems to have a strong temperament.

- Have you seen this wound on the forehead before?

- No, I don't know where it came from ...

- What is that bottle on the dresser in the living room?

- I showed it to the doctor. He told me it would have to be looked at. I didn't touch anything. I know he was taking amphetamines. He was working too much. Especially at the moment, he had a draft script that obsessed him.

- Do you have any details on this scenario?

- He told me about it. It's a science fiction story. He must have had Ariana as an actress.

- Ariana?

- She's the one who sings "I only want to die alive". This girl is really stupid.

Jules is not very in tune with current music, but this is a really weird title. A girl who longs for an undead fate?

- He was excited to release a movie with this girl. Surely you know?

- Not really. In any case, you should not go away in the coming weeks and you should contact me if you have any information that can help the investigation. If you don't mind, I will now take a look at the contents of this computer. This can help us better understand the reasons for the death.

André Durand's body is evacuated to the morgue for autopsy. The crime technician accompanying Jules takes some pictures and he is interested in the fingerprints on the keyboard. Jules can now settle down in the dead man's place.

3 - MSDOS commands

... L'ordinateur d'André Durand est une véritable pièce de musée. Il a été costruit Jules Compacteur rest attaché à la commande CHKDSK. Révérence envers sa majesté dir autoexec keybfr scandisk ... Jules Compacteur éprouve un grand plaisir à retrouver les commandes mises en place par SaMajesté dans les années 80. Il voue une affection particulère au CHKDSK

4 - Wordstar


5 - Durand Editions

... A good old pacman ... Visit of the publisher's offices Jules went to the headquarters of "Fourvière Productions" the company created by André Durand. Obviously André Durand was very active. There is such a mess on his desk that it would take an infinite amount of time to find anything. Neighborhood survey at his office. Secretaries perpetrators of sexual harassment Jules finds a scenario in the works. It matches with the agenda on the computer. Make an appointment at the Bistro Autrement Musée des Frères Lumière.

Page 2 - Steack tartare


1 - Tartare


2 - PetitFaitout

... Le PetitFaitout has chosen steak tartare and he sees his plate arrive with enthusiasm:

- This is excellent work, real professionalism and this will constitute an ideal introduction to my demonstration. It is very simple. Take a green teenage brain. Before preparing it, make sure that this brain is sufficiently immature. The brains that are delivered to us are generally soft, but if you are dealing with an insufficiently malleable brain you have to intervene with the parents in order to intensify the television exposure. The soft consistency of the brain the teenager was obtained thanks to the careful care of the breeders. They have developed very elaborate programs that allow you to alternate different sequences. The phase which takes up most of the adolescent's time is carried out using a few ingredients, at least two of which are absolutely essential: the sofa and the television. A few observations were sufficient to note the complementarity of these two objects. The flatness and vulgarity of the programs affects in a way very direct areas of the adolescent's brain that will allow him to develop an atrophied vision of the world. It is a world in which the only issues that are offered to him as worthy of arousing his ambition are the consumption of sweets and of sugary drinks. Isn't that wonderful?

3 - The old confrontations

... Jules is excited:

- Absolutely ! Here is a youth who sticks to reasonable goals. The youth are finally done with the old ideological confrontations And then we must not forget the formidable contribution of social networks. This allows them to share ideas often with great originality. Obviously there are some drifts. Today we have all this current of the platists, this community which is convinced that the earth is flat. Obviously it looks a bit twisted, but shouldn't we admire the audacity of these people who do not hesitate to assert their convictions?

4 - A tap

... Obviously! Apparently the information disseminated on our networks seems disseminated with a certain disorder. Here again we have been able to innovate. Do you see how a faucet works? It's just water. Our network operates according to same principle, but if we count the number of taps compared to the number of telephones in the most deprived regions, the power of our network seems infinitely greater. We are past this stage very elementary of dispensing a tasteless liquid. We must start from this taste that we all have for sharing. This of course concerns our political opinions. They are of little value if we fail to share them. And then when we we see that our leaders or our colleagues are incompetent, do we not have a duty to let it be known? People are bored at work, but they cannot tell their colleagues that they hate what they do. They must express their frustrations somewhere. This need for sharing is undoubtedly even stronger among our young people. Rather than going to register in religious or political organizations, we offer them the possibility of going to register in movements. The characteristic of a movement being to have the meaning that we give it, we support all movements by avoiding the only real danger: that the movement is a meaning.
The school has implemented a few steps to structure the brain of adolescents. You are well aware, however, that these efforts are futile. Teenagers go to school to chat with friends. If we try to thwart this need they will squirm in their chairs and they copy without understanding. Young people have a visual memory that allows them to assimilate, but we avoid giving them text. On the other hand, young people show a formidable aptitude for sharing. The sharing is carried out in all fields and young people are constantly increasing their knowledge. Whatever happens they are irresponsible. They are not there to learn. They are in a process of being taken care of. Today they put the weight of their emptiness on a teacher and tomorrow it will be on the society as a whole. They went through the mill of eleven selection which facilitates passages not to lengthen the duration of the daycare. We don't know what to do with it. Since they have not been able to adapt to the demands placed on them submitted, the requirements were adapted. It is no longer really about acquiring knowledge. They will be offered to acquire concepts that simply reading the newspaper would enable them to acquire and which will be the subject of instruction. These very notions will become difficult to transmit because their acquisition requires that one feels a minimum interest in the world. Obviously not all truth is good to say, but the truth is absent when the objective which prevails is that "it goes well".