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The world of the Chevalier


Page 1 - The family


1 - The house

... The house . The exit is always through the garden ...

2 - Chloé Chevalier

... School has always been my great passion. There had to be one in the family. It's like that, I always liked working in class and I always came back from school with good grades. The complete opposite of my sister. Each has its own specialty. My great passion is to do chemistry experiments. I made my lab in a small room behind the bathroom. Even that my sister did not respect him. I know she rummaged through my drawers.
She thought she was going to find some amphetamines to get her off. Dad has since put a lock on my laboratory door. I know she spies on everything I do, but I know what's going on in her room. Looks like she's doing it on purpose. It doesn't interest me, but I can't help hearing it, even with the bathroom between our two bedrooms. His music is always on top. She likes it when it makes noise.
There are boys who went up with her. She didn't know I didn't have class that afternoon and heard it all. I opened my door and realized that there was not one boy but two. They started by chatting with big laughs and then I didn't hear anything for a while. They must have smoked weed that still smelled the next day in the hallway. Then the three of them started to moan and it wasn't hard to see what they were doing.
Whenever she knows Mom is out, Christine takes advantage of it. The time she sent for these boys she thought I wasn't there too, but she doesn't mind anyway. She's provoking me on purpose. Her favorite thing is to wiggle her ass and challenge me when she meets me in the hallway. She also likes showing me little packages and sniffing them while looking at me and making fun. If she thinks I don't know what it is! It smells strong enough in his room. I know it's expensive and I'm sure she's stealing money from Mum's bag.
My father is not really present. I prefer it when it's harsh and I think it's the same for my sister. Rather, we have the impression that he is there only by obligation and that his real life is elsewhere. With Mom he seems to always have the same attitude, but we can tell it's not like it used to be. He always uses the same words, "My darling", "My love", but it's just out of habit, just to make us believe that everything is as before.
For Mom, it seems like it's all the same. She too has found her little paradise on earth, she swallows her pills of all colors and she spends more and more time sprawled in her armchair. She is less and less often in the kitchen or in the garden. In terms of gastronomy, we are not really spoiled, we mainly eat what appears in the catalog of the deliveryman of frozen meals.

3 - Bathroom

... Es tierra de nadie, es la Franja de Gaza. Entramos cantando "No tendrás Alsacia y Lorena". Dos culturas chocan para compartir estos pocos metros cuadrados. Para Christine, el baño es el lugar donde cócteles aprendidos que le permitirán sortear las trampas de una seducción que pretende para los hombres y que le permitirán ganar puntos en el ranking que se desarrolla entre sus amigos y del que se excluye de antemano a su hermana.
Para Chloe el problema es acceder a un lugar que su hermana quiere tener como le plazca. Una variedad considerable de productos abarrota los estantes de Christine, mientras que el dispositivo de Chloé está destinado únicamente a la higiene.

4 - Christine Chevalier

... I'm the eldest, it's up to me to set an example! It is with this sentence that parents keep beating my ears. In our beautiful religious community I am the very example of what can be called a failure. It is however not for lack of having had all the conditions to become the successful product of the family greenhouse. I did not fit into the mold. I led my existence outside the nails between which they wanted to make me move forward. The opposite of my little sister !
She inflates me the little model girl! She keeps watching this little bitch! Every time I need to take a small loan from the bank I find it in my paws. If she thinks I haven't noticed her ride! Yes I sting pennies in my mother's bag, so what? Apart from getting laid with pills, I don't really see what her goal is in the existence of my illuminated mother. Always ready to take out her preaching-preaching, but completely barred in the stars my father. As regards his Lord and Master our guide to all, he has been playing the lost sheep for a long time, my reverend. He lost him on the way, the Lord his God! He knows I know, but it stays between us. We have our little agreements with the paternal. I don't say anything about his five to seven, he doesn't say anything about my small loans at the bank. In any case, his little business is going, as if the crucifixion is a good vein. No end-of-month problems for our parishioners! All ways he doesn't care. He has the top of the class to compensate and he suspects that for me blessed water is over.
I found more spicy cocktails to play with dolls. But yes Dad, it's me who makes a doll when we have a little powder the pif with my friends. I can see he looks contrite. I can hear her who cites me as an example of my model little girl of sister. So what ? Where is the problem ? Between your wife who has turned into a mollusk on the sofa and your daughter who gets laid with everything she can get into the pif or elsewhere you have found a way out! Your family you organized it to your way, my dear spiritual guide, you put it aside your personal little angel. You decided not to wait until the end of time to test the taste of Heaven my darling Papa. She's really having fun, the other one left with her equations and her test tubes? Isn't she a bit stuck somewhere, my silly sister? She annoys me with her pursed lips and her air of holy nitouche. She thinks that's the way she's doing interest boys? Here look at that little bitch, look at my full luscious mouth and watch as he wiggles my little ass. Go review your math poor bitch, my little ass and I have something else to do! My thing is clothes. Especially after a little line of coke.
Lately there is a nightmare that comes back to me frequently. I am kneeling in front of the tub where my mother takes her bath. She is asleep and she makes a slight snoring. When I wake up my mother's body has slipped into the soapy water. My mother no longer snores and I see her mouth submerged in water. I sit for a while on the bathroom tiles, my head in my hands, with that electro tune in my head that I've been listening to all day. I lose consciousness of time passing by. I come out of the bathroom. I would just like to escape the headache that twists my head. Something serious had just happened, but I'm really high and for a while still shielded from reality.

5 - Sébastien Chevalier

... I use the dining room table to prepare my sermons. Today I buried my head in my hands and faced my desperation. I am a sinner and I ask the Lord to forgive me. No one can understand how great my pain is, nor how guilty I feel. I cannot share the weight of this suffering with anyone. I'm guilty of letting this sinner come to me. How could i resist the softness of her gaze, her smile so sweet and the welcome of her arms? Today I am an outcast in my church and I am a stranger in my family because I have sinned.

6 - The garden

... The garden has always been beautiful, but now there are more and more weeds in the paths. It was Myriam's great passion, she was gardening before the children arrived from school. This period is over, Myriam is not really interested in the question anymore and besides nothing really interests her anymore.

An entrance door can also provide an exit.

7 - Parents' room

... The only time I feel completely relaxed is when I'm in my bath. I take two tablets, I lie down and then I forget my problems and I feel really good. It's weird this diffuse impression. After my bath I feel soothed. It is rare that Sébastien has returned. I sometimes wonder why he always comes home so late. He tells me that he was chosen because he had to help one of our parishioners to solve a problem, or that he lingered in a discussion of a passage from the Bible. I know I must not question his word, but it is stronger than me, I feel that he feels obliged to provide me with explanations.

Page 2 - 


1 - The church

... There are three areas in this image.

2 - They are all there

... They came, they are all here. This gathering outside the church is a tradition that none of those present would want to miss. Every Sunday the exit from worship is always this privileged moment for weekly reunions after a week devoted to work and the harsh realities of everyday life. The men are dressed in black or gray suits and the women are dressed in their Sunday dresses. They are all gathered in this beautiful community which resumed its hymns in in unison to show an ardent fervor.
Usually they come to greet the pastor and express their enthusiasm for his sermon. They have a greater reserve towards him today. Surrounded by her friends Myriam comments on the news of the day. As often, Miriam has a pale complexion and dark circles. Her friends come to express their support. A little apart, her two daughters, Chloe and Christine, are chatting with young people their age. When this assembly is dispersed, Sebastien will return to his house, and like every On Sunday, he will cut out the chicken that has been roasted in the family oven on the dining room table. Right now the person he's talking to is Linda Robert, and that's probably why all parishioners are keen on the gap.
As I delivered my patiently elaborate commentaries of the Bible verses, as my mind followed paths marked by daily work, I felt all my fervor in jeopardy in the face of the beauty of my parishioner. She is always dressed without much fantasy, and yet her face, all parts of her body, monopolized my attention and solicited my desire. And the more I tried to hide it the more it became evident to me that it was impossible for my audience does not realize. None of the features on her face could tell, yet there was no way she was aware of my confusion.
And now the troop of my parishioners has moved away as if they wanted to encourage my straying into sin, while I agree to a new meeting.

A getaway to the bistro in front of the church is always possible.

3 - The creature

... They are small and firm. I know they are working. His gaze remained for a moment as if hooked to my two headlands, to continue an exploration which led him a little lower as he continued. his comments on a biblical verse. And every word he spoke penetrated me and left me in a kind of ecstasy. Although Alan never accompanied me to church, he knew I was married. Both of us have become aware of the monstrous nature of our affair, an adultery which is an offense all the more serious as it is committed in front of the members of our church. I feel the full weight of the disapproval that emanates of this group that stands aside.

4 - Pastor

... From the first time she appeared in our church I felt drawn. Her delicate features, her fair complexion, her blue eyes, her whole face seemed magnificent to me. This is probably how Myriam had appeared to me when we first met. Age had its effects, of course, but it was above all her lifestyle that got the better of the pretty girl she was to make way for a fat depressed lady. Me here again, facing the obscure object of my desire. During my sermon I searched in vain for the strength of contrition but I felt unable to achieve it, I was unable to take my eyes off that face, suffering intensely of my weakness.

Page 3 - At Georges


1 - Lary

... The café and the church form two solid foundations of our culture. Members have profiles varied. Attendance can be daily or episodic. Some church members consider the bistro as a place of perdition and some counter pillars that have exhausted the compassion and patience of the boss from the bistro come to confess their sins to the priest. As in any institution we find sectarianism and tolerance to varying degrees.
At Lary's there is this amateur side of black masses and bewitchment. Christine doesn't like it too much, otherwise it's the perfect match. He is always ready to follow her in her delusions.
At Georges' they had a few drinks. Georges masters the art of combining flavors but he has his own way of emptying the bottles to prepare his cocktails. As he likes to say, Georges is on at nightfall. The result is completely random. However, it sticks to a few fundamentals with a base of sugar and rum.
- That's heavy! It's not cough syrup!
There was something bubbling up in the back of the glasses and when Larry got behind the wheel there was no reason for the car to stay on the road, especially since Christine had decided to take it. He ... not had nothing in control when she attacked the waistband of her pants. They passed through an area where the body of the car was echoing from the shock of the branches and after one last swerve it came stop on the side of the road. They lay down under the trees and made love. It was one of those evenings where there was no limit. Christine was already worried about being alone. She asked him to come and sleep in his room.
- What about your parents?
- We don't give a damn about my parents! My dad is with his sweetheart and my mom must already be sleeping.
Larry parked his car down the street. Always worried about being spotted by neighbors. He was no longer able to keep the slightest coherence, but he had retained some reflexes of caution. In itself towing each other, they made it to the door of the house. That's when Christine told him:
- Come on, I'll show you something.
They entered the bathroom on the ground floor. Myriam has dozed off in her bath and she is snoring. His nose is barely flush and his breath ripples the surface of the bath water. Larry found a new game. He pushes Miriam's head slightly and the sound of snoring is embellished with new variations when bubbles form on the surface of the soapy water. Christine is delighted:
- Oh the bitch! Look at me that bitch!
The laughs got a little more hysterical. Christine is no longer sure what happened next.

Page 4 - Gossip and rumors


1 - Myriam is in her bath

... Christine entered without knocking.
- Here are you still there? Shouldn't you go out with the girlfriends this afternoon?
- No, Véronique is ill. We had to postpone.
- What are the three of you delirious about?
- You know it, it's a Bible meeting. Christine has grabbed a stool, she sits down next to her mother and she soaks a hand in the tub. Today she feels wings. The little dose she just snorted makes her want to have a little fun. Paying for your mother's head Seems to him an occupation quite worthy of giving a little interest to this rainy afternoon. You might as well start off strong, but in a completely innocent way.
- Do you know if Dad will be there for dinner?
- I believe he will be at church, today is the study group on the old testament like every Wednesday.
- Old testament my ass!
- Christine, I forbid you!
- What are you forbidding me? Don't tell me you don't have doubts about the way our Reverend spends his evenings?
- Christine! This is really insane!
- Blonde or brunette?
- Finally let's see Christine! It is very serious to make such accusations.
- Brown ! I know!
Myriam seems to show the shock. Her face tilted a little lower towards the bubbles that mask her body. She seems to be searching for an answer on this surface, then she turns to her daughter, her eyes wet with tears:
- Of course I suspected, but I did not know. Why did you tell me? It's because you're mean. Your father doesn't want me anymore. I understand it, I see myself as I am. But you, why are you telling me this? It's because you're mean, I know it!
Myriam's tone rises again:
- You're bad. You only think about doing evil! If you think I don't know you're coming to steal from my bag. If you think I don't know you are bringing boys into your room! You disgust me when I see you spend with your friends, all dressed like little whores!
This is not the scene Christine expected and she fled under a torrent of abuse.
Taking coke isn't the best path Christine has ever taken. This accentuates its bipolar side. The day after the evening during which she thought she could afford her mother's head and tear it to pieces, Christine completed a cycle. It is only in the afternoon that she emerges from a comatose sleep.
Yesterday her mother's offensive reaction surprised her and she has difficulty finding her seat. Instead of remaining prostrate under his revelations, his mother had been combative. Emerging from the abyss, Christine feels caught off guard in front of such a naive reaction. Is that how it is perceived? Her mother spoke simply and Christine can't help but wonder about her true nature. Is this how you can summarize your person: bad?
In the days that followed, the sound level from Christine's room remained a few decibels lower than usual. She didn't show up much. On the side of his mother's room, the manifestations of a human presence have become even more tenuous than they already were. It seems that after having been able to live in a half-truth, the brutal revelation of the real situation in which her couple found themselves totally devastated her. She seems to be putting all her effort into no longer being really present in this world. The rare times she hinted at the, the sound of her voice was to express her desire to see everyone happy. She seems to take pleasure in these abstract formulas where she expresses her desire to see the divine will respected in the realization of designs that will allow everyone to achieve happiness. She does not include her own person in these large drawings.
Chloe took over the household chores. Christine makes a few appearances at mealtimes, but most often she comes to help herself in the fridge and she brings her booty back to her room. She persists in a strategy of withdrawal.
The father seems to follow with determination a process in which the commandments of his religion are to see nothing, hear nothing and say nothing. He still manages from time to time to place a blessing at the beginning of the meal or an invocation of divine mercy in response to Christine's profanity. But once a few agreed words have been spoken, his main concern seems to be to slip away. Of this family life reduced to a dying state, Chloe is the only one to suffer and to express her disagreement.

2 - Parish

... Myriam's closest friends were the first to comment on this relationship privileged of Sébastien with one of his parishioners. The expression of their compassion expressed outside the presence of the victim, involves the painful observation of a unreliability common in all men, but particularly regrettable in a priest whose vocation is to give his life as an example. They are unanimous in condemn weakness and dereliction of duty. They are consolidated in the resolution not to betray the secret which could further aggravate the depressive state of "this poor Miriam ".
Be certain of a fact without being able to ensure its disclosure in outside a small circle, however, causes too much frustration for them to renounce to benefit a greater number of parishioners. This is how the rumor has gained momentum.

3 - Alarm clock

... Jules Compacteur uses a mechanical alarm clock. It stems from a lack of confidence in electronics. It is a very elaborate mechanism which allows the triggering of its microprocessor and a very thin current will put an end to the standby of the disc. hard of Jules. always starts the morning with a toothbrush. He has found that he manages to pee while brushing his teeth and is happy to save a lot of time. From there he goes briefly in the shower. Formerly he has known different awakenings where he was not the only protagonist, both author and spectator. His great longevity has allowed him to know all states: single with or without children, married with or without children, divorced subject to all kinds of diets.

Jules Compacteur undertakes to carry out all trivial operations, the succession of which constitutes the prelude to his daily destiny. It begins with switching on the coffee machine, the spitting of which punctuates the start of each of the his days. This noise from a device whose lifespan seems infinite seems reassuring to him. Over the years the objects seem to have been affected by some spell that causes them to disappear. The coffee maker is an exception. Jules Compactor justifies the absence of accumulation by considerations of the transience of all life. His rule is not to be cluttered. The Compactor drinks coffee that is too hot and accompanies it with a few raw words.
He pulls the door to his apartment behind him, which locks automatically. Jules Compacteur slips a hand into his trouser pocket to check for the key. Everything is planned. That's what he's thinking of. In the period he is in going through he has organized everything and he knows he will move through the dull daily life of an ordinary day. Now his microprocessor is accelerating, his very quick memory piles up a few variables and he restarts his hard drive.

4 - Chloé

... She knocked rather timidly on the Agency's door. It was a really very shy entrance and Jules took the trouble to get up and come over to open it. She looked like she was barely sixteen, seventeen? Jules showed her a seat and motioned for her to sit down, but she stood staring at the tips of her shoes for a moment. She seemed to be looking for a solution to formulate her request. Jules hesitated to start the conversation about the fact that he was not authorized to enter into a contract with a minor, but this is precisely where the young girl chose to start.
- Hello, I know that I am not old enough to ask you to work for me, but I came to see you because I know that you are attached to the truth and that for this reason you will deal with this file even if I am underage and even though I cannot afford to pay you.
She had recited her sentence all at once, without catching her breath, as if afraid of being interrupted.
- Why not ? Can you tell me more?
- I am Chloé Chevalier, my mother's name is Myriam. Do you know who it is?
If he knows? In the city for months we had only talked about this. The suspicious death of a woman in her bathtub, drowning, suicide or poisoning, there was a bit of it all. In the end, the police had failed to come to a really clear conclusion in this case. The husband had been held in police custody and then released. It was just that.
- You know that the police did not come to any conclusions in this case. Do you have any news?
The young girl loses composure. Her face paled when she stared intently at Jules:
- It's my sister ! I know she's my sister! From the start I know she's my sister!
- You know that what you say there is serious! Why didn't you go to the police?
- They don't believe me, but I know why, my sister knew how to bamboozle them with her air of holy nitouche, but I know what she is capable of.
- All right, but you need proof, you know: a document, an object, something that proves irrefutably that your sister killed your mother.
- What I'm sure is that my sister hated my mother. She was the one who killed her and I know you'll be able to prove it.
Jules would be tempted to answer that he doesn't perform miracles, but deep down he's not really sure.
- Very well miss. My usual rate is 10 cents and to this amount are added the costs. For you I can make an effort, but at least I should have an advance on my costs.
With this file Jules is certainly not on the road to fortune, but Jules has always felt a vocation as defender of the widow and the orphan. She gets up with a slight smile and places 500 circles on the desk. He accompanies her with the respect usually reserved for great ladies.
Jules goes to the Chevaliers.

5 - Christine

... You have to knock before entering. I don't have a doorbell. Two knocks on the wood of the door, it allows me to know if my visitor knows the uses or not. Here is one who pushed open the door without preamble and who came to stand in front of my desk. I don't look up at her. This article on a likely downward trend in oil prices suddenly became fascinating.
- I am the daughter of Sébastien and Myriam Chevalier. You know ...
She is a pretty blonde who has beautiful blue eyes and a nice breast. The dress is very short and she has a little forced on the makeup which gives a rather vulgar side to the whole of her person.
- It is my father who is suspected of having poisoned my mother. I know this is wrong. Look what I found in my dear sister's things. This is what she experiments with! That's what she killed my mother with!
She rummages in a bag that seems to contain an incredible amount of objects of all kinds and shows a bottle.
- I share a bathroom with my sister. That's where she set up her fucking lab.
She put the bottle on the desk.
- The way you have handled this flask, it will be impossible to find fingerprints in it and prove what you are saying.
No cloudiness in his eyes. With her insolence is second nature.
- And why do you think I came to see you? I am older. I hire you and you will prove that it was my sister Chloe who poisoned my sister with her mixtures.
- Since you are of age, you can indeed hire me. My rate is a fixed rate of 500 Ronds plus fees.
The kid is never short of arguments. She rummages again in her bag from which emerges a wad of banknotes.

Page 5 - Investigation


1 - Chez Chloé

... When Jules arrives at the door of the Chevaliers, it is the young Chloe who comes to open him. She wears a schoolgirl outfit, and her hair is done in a bun. His gaze is attentive behind small round glasses.
- Hello, please come in. I was waiting for you. You probably want to visit the house?
Jules follows Chloe who precedes him for a tour of the house. Chloe's father, charged with murder, is in prison. Christine has gone to meet her friends. Chloe seems to particularly enjoy her role as hostess and it is she who leads the visit.
When Jules leaves this house, he knows who is guilty. Chloe's room is just as Jules expected. It lacks fantasy, but it is the framework in which this good student produces all her efficiency.

2 - Bathroom

... Chloe ushers him into the bathroom between the two bedrooms. She shows him a door that she opens with the key she has just revealed and she announces emphatically:
- My laboratory!
Before working one day in a large laboratory, today she is satisfied with a few shelves, but everything seems cleverly installed. The equipment includes a removable shelf, an assortment of test tubes and a benzene nozzle. All kinds of bottles are crowded into tight rows on the shelves.
- Do you have a favorite field?
Chloe's eyes twinkle behind her glasses.
- I am not yet sufficiently advanced in my work to be able to make up my mind, but later I would like to study products intended for psychotherapy.
Jules is fascinated by the confidence shown by this very young girl.

3 - Christine's room

... The tastes of the two sisters have nothing in common. Christine has a passion for clothes and she seems to love everything that glitters. From there to making her the murderess of her mother the step is difficult to take. What seems strange to Jules are more these Chloe's repeated claims about her sister. - That's not all ! Come I will show you!
She turns on the computer on the table. - I'll show you what my dear sister dared to write about my mother. We are not friends on the PetitFaitout, that will not surprise you. On the other hand, I know how to enter his account, it is not very difficult.
The account that opens includes a large number of photos of young people partying, photos and videos of popular singers. Chloe finds what she was looking for. This is a response to a post where it is about parents who fall asleep in front of their TV. Christine wrote "My mother doesn't need a TV to fall asleep. She prefers to sleep in her bath. One of these days she will end up drowned. - She's just noting a fact. There is nothing there to accuse him of.
- I know what that means. She had already planned everything. She only thinks about doing evil!
Jules does not really feel a vocation for the role of conciliator. He still tries a test.
- I can see that you have very opposite characters and probably very different tastes!
- You know I don't know what my sister wants to do later, I don't even know if she has the slightest idea.
Jules would be tempted to answer her that the plans she has for her sister could be a solution to the problem with a stay in prison.

4 - Family table

... They cross a dining room in which sits a table of impressive dimensions. - My parents like to receive, or rather I must say now my father liked to receive members of the parish.
In one corner of the room there is a small desk with a computer installed. It is a fairly old model. On the shelves above the desk trinkets and a collection of pious images are meticulously arranged.
- Although my father is a pastor, as you can see, we live like everyone else.
- Of course, it's a profession like any other. And you yourself have professional projects?
Jules has the intuition that this young girl with the allure of schoolgirl is eager to share with him the concerns of a wise young girl anxious to organize her life with rigor.
- I'll be a chemist in a big lab.
Chloé does not express a wish but a certainty.
- Are you interested in chemistry?
- This is my passion. I have already made some experiments. I have my lab. You want to see ?

5 - Marital room

... From there they move on to the marital room. There is nothing really remarkable about it, just a very commonplace decor.
- Can you show me where it happened?
He does not need to elaborate further. She takes him into a bathroom which has a bathtub and where everything is meticulously arranged. It was undoubtedly a question of removing the traces of a traumatic event for an entire family. The slightest element has been noted by the police. There are obviously no traces left.
- So your mother was alone when this happened?
Jules asks the question because it is in the order of things. He has sources of information that are not official. He was therefore able to read the file and he knows that Myriam was alone in the room when she died.
- So this is where your mother ended her life?
Pure provocation which leads to the expected reaction:
- Mom didn't kill herself, my sister killed her.

Page 6 - Une autre cliente


1 - A receipt

... - Here for you. I want a receipt!
It didn't take long for him to make himself really unfriendly. But I'm not done with it. I fill out the usual form.
- I'm not asking where you got all that money. Tell me, do you seem to like your sister Chloe?
- In the family it is always me who is the role of the bad girl and it is true that I am a little ahead for my age.
Her affirmation is punctuated by a forward projection of the two natural advantages with which nature has provided her and which she uses without moderation.

2 - A manipulator

... - Chloe is always the wisest, the most serious at school, but I know she hides her game well. She's a perverse manipulator! His place is in prison!
Now there she is, losing her relaxed, emancipated and cynical brat. There are old scores to settle and Jules finds himself called upon.
- It's nice to meet one of the members of a united family like your dear Mademoiselle. On the other hand, I will not be able to prove anything with this bottle. I will have to see this laboratory on site.
- You come when you want. It is not my mother who will bother you and my father is still stuck in his church. Come tomorrow mid-afternoon. Chloe will be in class, I'll be there to open you up. You can visit his laboratory. She doesn't know, but I have a duplicate key.
All is said. I don't get up to take her home. Without a word she turns around. His heels echo on the floor and the door slams.

3 - House of Chevaliers

... He rings and Christine opens the door as planned. She doesn't seem more concerned with politeness than she did the day before. She wears jeans studded with holes and a T-shirt with an unambiguous slogan: Fuck you!

4 - Chloe's room

... Jules discovers a perfectly tidy room. Jules sees a stack of files neatly lined up on the corner of a table and a computer, and in the stack of files Jules discovers documents pertaining to medication for depression. There is a folder that contains printed pages. This is school work but the content of one of them catches Jules's attention:
When you read this letter, I will have left this world. To you my family, to you my daughters and to you my husband, I ask you to forgive my gesture. I do not know if God will forgive me, but I ask all of you, my brothers and sisters of the parish to understand me. I know there is no more serious and unforgivable gesture than the one I am about to commit, but the depression I am suffering from has become more unbearable every day. I feel trapped in a body every day more monstrous, I am sorry to see myself useless and without project. I will leave this world. Remember me as the woman I once was.

5 - Bathroom

... She precedes him on the stairs with a movement of the hips which is the fruit of a long work. Jules is deeply impressed, but he remains focused on the investigation. At one point she turns to him and her attitude says something like:
- Do you like the show?
In the bathroom Jules sniffs the contents of a few flasks. He takes a few samples from the tiny bottles he had provided for this purpose.
On one of the walls of the bathroom the shelves are cluttered with all kinds of beauty products. A single shelf on the opposite wall which contains only the minimum essential for the toilet.
- This is the witch's corner.
Jules does not comment. He opens bottles and sniffs some smells.
- So ? You found ? It's her, isn't it?
- No, I can't find anything there that can help me progress. I should be told more.

6 - Chez Christine

... Christine quickly opens the door to her room. Jules barely has time to perceive a cluster of objects and clothes. - Don't mind the mess!
It seems obvious that she does not make much of the impression produced.

7 - Her territory

... They arrived in a neighborhood where she seems to have her bearings. Here Christine is on her territory. There are laughs and winks. Jules receives a few pats on the back from young people who seem to have reached a fairly advanced blood alcohol level.
- Do you find them nice my friends? You know I present you the cream. In all the city you will not find better. Isn't that right Sandra?
They are between girls and Christine shows Sandra her latest shopping.
- So ? How do you like it?
- Super Christine! Really great ! And this one say you give it to me?
Sandra shows off her bare breasts before putting on Christine's blouse. Some applause and whistles greet the performance. Jules is upset.

8 - Come on Jules!

... - Well here we are ready! Come on Jules, we're not going to stay here, you have to get out soon!
Jules! Now she calls him Jules! Obviously it's written on its plate, but all the same! J.C. it would be more classy, but we are not there yet. They all seem to know where the next episode is going to take place. Jules follows suit and he enters a cellar with gray walls and low ceilings. To be bearable the sound coming out of the amplifiers must be absorbed with the appropriate substances. All the bans have been lifted and Jules finds himself relegated to the unrewarding role of the candle bearer. In the midst of this fauna of young people who drink and caress each other, Christine looks more like a wise young girl. She got closer to Jules and she manages to be heard despite the noise level.
- You offer me a glass Jules?

9 - Vodka-orange

... - They are really idiots aren't they?
Jules expresses his approval by closing his eyes and tilting his head slightly.
- Do you think I come here because I find them interesting?
She moved closer to him. In addition to the happiness he may have at finding himself with his nose plunged into her cleavage, Jules hears it perfectly despite the delirious sound level of the sound system, because Christine's mouth is pressed against his ear.
- I couldn't find anything else to amuse me you know. If you think they made me laugh at my two parents' tartignoles. One with his permanent depression and the other with his double life as an unworthy preacher!
She seems to seek approval in Jules' eyes. Jules is especially taken aback to see himself assigned the role of confidant.
- He had had enough of his big larva, always depressed, my dear Papa, didn't you know that? Well, in the parish everyone knows about it.
- Are you telling me that your father has a mistress?
The answer is a little late. A second round is necessary.

10 - Vodka-bis

... - You know in the parish they are only good people! So since my father had the good idea to do it right under their noses ...
- Is this someone from the parish?
- Yes. In the parish they are always ready to slander, but here it must be said that it was not very difficult! They met on the benches of the church our lovebirds. It was enough to observe them to understand.
She pauses to stare at Jules intently and Jules gets lost in this intense blue.
- Obviously with everything I'm telling you there you will suspect my father?
- It seems logical indeed!
- I told you Jules, it was my sister Chloe who killed her. As for my father's sweetheart, the case is over.