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Hill of the Cross


Page 1 - An Amazon


1 - Pandora's box

... Jules is lying on his stomach, subjected to the manipulations of his favorite masseuse when the gong rings. An Amazon makes its entrance. To recognize an Amazon it is necessary to carry out some checks. This meets the criterion according to which it must only move on horseback because she rides a superb stallion. The second criterion is that she must be able to shoot an archery which may force her to reduce the size of one of her breasts. The operation is certainly painful. Jules carries out a check: they are strictly identical and they are not an obstacle to archery because they are small. She appreciates the respect of procedures but she cannot delay because she has other clients to deliver. The parcel she hands him contains a simple box, a beautiful object made of precious wood.

This is the package that Jules was waiting for, it is a Pandora's box, the box offered by the gods to Epimetheus, the somewhat stupid brother of Prometheus. Epimetheus was not to accept any gift from the Gods but Pandora was really very beautiful and of course Epimetheus had accepted the gift. Jules holds in his hands the box which by order of Zeus should never have been opened. Jules knows how to use this box. This is something he learned from an aviator of his friends: to open the box all you have to do is draw a sheep. It also works with a goat.

2 - Tease

... You must click on the button to play

As Zeus is a bit of a teaser, he made a draw without discount to fill his table and he programmed the 24 necessary exchanges, 8 for the four corners, 4 for the center and 12 for the other squares. Pandora's box contains a message:

3 - L.C.O.

... League of Forgotten Crucifieds

Dear Mr. Compactor,

The LCO is addressed to you to ask you to kindly shed light on the already very old disappearance of an individual usually designated by the initials J.C. Indeed, we have constituted ourselves in the form of a league to try to deal with a situation which has now lasted for centuries and which we consider unfair.
While a VIP seat is offered to the individual LeJesus in all Christian churches, hardly any mention is made of the two wretches who suffered an identical fate. After a long work on our family tree we were able to establish that we are the descendants of these two citizens who were the victims of the rigors of Roman law and put to death on the same date as The Jesus
While these two men are generally described as two unimportant thieves, our research shows that they are in fact two much more interesting characters than the description given of them allows us to understand. suppose so. If one was at the time one of the pillars of organized crime, it seems that the other was perfectly innocent of the crimes with which he was charged.
Although this case is quite old, we wish to obtain clarification on the disappearance of this LeJesus and to establish the rights of our ancestors to VIP status in all churches exuding the image of their suplice.

You will find enclosed some pennies intended to cover your first expenses.

4 - All roads lead to Rome

... The answer to the question "Who killed Jesus Christ" is particularly difficult. The data is obscure, the responsibilities murky, and the candidates for guilt innumerable. As according to the first elements of the investigation, the person in charge of the death of Jesus Christ would also be responsible for the misfortunes of humanity, it appeared to you that the most appropriate step to progress on this file is to find those responsible for this chaos. So you have resolved to go to heart of the Empire.
You have to face the facts: the road to Rome is blocked. They are about fifty who have built barricades and who burn all kinds of dirt. This gives off a thick black smoke. They are divided into small groups who discuss while grilling sausages. The smell is suffocating. The clothes like the allure are neglected and mark a plebeian origin. They are all dressed in a brown toga, the color favorite of tank drivers. Since there is a group that has stuck in the middle of the road, it is impossible to pass. The red of your tank makes a strong impression on the men in brown. The group that stands in the way walks towards your chariot and one of them comes up to you. Its breath gives off a strong odor of vinasse to form a very uncomfortable cocktail with the other scents. Many of the brown hats are members of the League of Crucified Forgotten. Their favorite activity is to smash anything in their path.

5 - Step

... Jules crosses small towns where traders' stalls have been looted and where tanks are overturned.
With all these stops he was late and he must stop at the hotel. He has trouble falling asleep because a question torments him: at the beginning was the verb but what is this verb which was at the beginning? And then what was there before beginning? He feels a headache coming and he wonders if he will be able to sleep. Fortunately the hotel management has placed a large book at the bedside. In this book he read the story of The Jesus, how he lived and how he died. He likes it because this book may contain the key to his investigation.
On the hill which dominates his hotel there is an immense and sinister cross. She warns the stranger who is advancing towards the city of the fate that awaits him if his convictions do not conform to the dogma of a necessary atonement. A small cross of wood overhangs the bed in which Jules is lying. He is surrounded.

Page 2 - Lupsilon


1 - Aware

... The more absurd a story, the more effort it takes to convince itself of it, the greater the energy expended to keep its victims in belief. The implausible and deliciously marvelous character of the stories allows all kinds of interpretations and at the same time the development of all kinds of tendencies and sects. Instead of recognizing doubt as the first principle of spiritual research, the big dirty industry diversifies its offer in the manner of merchants who offer products with different options to better penetrate all customer segments.

2 - Embittered

... If one takes a good look at this symbol for even a moment, it still appears to be particularly formidable, fiercely, hypocritical and perverse.
The balancing act is on his cross to redeem my sins? He gazes at me from his pedestal with his arms stretched out and I have to bear the responsibility for this act of torture? I must bow down to this filthy image and regard it as the symbol of my rallying to a community which expresses all its shame for the wrongdoing it has committed?
Whatever the versions of the product, one option remains common and that is the one that is supposed to guide the people of believers: the path offered to them is that of suffering. The first injunction of the church is contained in Genesis. Barely created man is condemned for an act whose gravity is obviously absurd, since it involves the consumption of a fruit, which meets the order of nutritionists to eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day. At the same time this fruit comes of a tree which is the tree of knowledge. Ignorance is a virtue, the search for access to knowledge is sanctioned. The church does not offer its faithful the search for solutions and what it has to offer is much easier to put into practice work: it proposes an expiation. When it comes to offering suffering as a guide for humanity, we understand better how it is organized to achieve this goal. Despite all the respect they have for this institution, humans have some difficulty kissing without pleasure and this is the only circumstance they have left in the most deprived areas. The production of living beings being assimilated to the production of souls, the suffering of all the unfortunate is undoubtedly of such a nature as to glorify a god. Above all, it expresses the success of an organization where the power of the haves finds its best support in the submission of the poor. She tells a lie of immense rudeness while claiming to offer salvation and eternal life to those whose condemnation she has pronounced. She has more than one trick up her sleeve, and she still claims to have a monopoly on understanding spiritual superiority over crass material issues. And she spits on this humanity by exhibiting its statues and gilding.

3 - Revolt

... What is this masquerade? Who invented this story? Who wants you to believe that this man who is being martyred is of divine essence? You don't have to contemplate this horror to distinguish right from wrong. You are informed of the status of world and you know there are executioners among us. With this torture exhibited the church does not have a monopoly on horror. Your eyes are wide open and you don't need the church to be aware of the misery of the world. She made it demonstration for too long: it authorizes barbarism when it is not complicit in it.

4 - Nostalgic

... It was still better in Genesis time when a kiss wasn't a peach tree. By his immense suffering, Christ redeems our sins with a particular interest in the sin of the flesh. They hid it under their blouses, used to them are spreading the worst nonsense, they still come to claim that theirs is different from that of humans who do not wear a robe and that they are able to overcome the temptations of the flesh. The institution that authorized them to commit this rape awareness of baptism may well turn a blind eye to this breed of pedophiles.

5 - Lupsilon Palace

... This morning Jules left his hotel and he can drive fast because they are all at mass. A centurion stops his tank and reports it for speeding. Jules is delighted to know that his money will be well spent and that it will make it possible to repair all the damage he noticed on the roadsides.

Finally arrived in Rome, Jules was granted an interview with Lupsilon, the representative of GoodGold, the Commander-in-Chief of the Chemin Palace and the cousin of Emperor Tiberius.
He is methodically pursuing his investigation and has therefore decided to take up the case from the beginning. He will meet the first couple who gave birth to humanity through numerous incests and Lupsilon is the great specialist in this question.

Arrived at the palace, Jules wanders through long corridors, he crosses sumptuous rooms richly furnished with paintings and sculptures. Shouts and whispers sometimes pierce the thickness of the heavy drapes. Jules sees a priest chasing a group of young boys as he searches for his way through different wings of the Palace. The laughter of the Vestals accompanies him.
Finally Jules sees Lupsilon installed on a sort of throne. Lupsilon manages his image as a strategist, he donned a yellow gown with precious stones. His skull is provided with a few rare gray hairs which vibrate to the rhythm of his tremors. His pathetic gaze remains frozen towards an improbable point. A slave brings spoonfuls of white porridge to her mouth, while another reads to her. A priest came to whisper in his ear. The old man raises his eyelids, his head emits a tremor more accentuated and the priest signals you to advance.

Lupsilon has his apartments in the Palace, where he has a vast area of ​​crypts, chapels and other more secret places of which he is the only one to hold the keys. He rarely goes out. In the street there are all these women who show their legs. This display of flesh terrifies him, he looks away. They affirm a freedom from which he is excluded. He made the contrition of the nuns his daily bread. He claims to know what is hidden under their dresses. Why the thoughts saucy that invade his mind would they be so far from those of these nuns? The length of these interminable dresses may well be a bulwark to hide and obstruct the desire of men, but he knows that it is also an obstacle. which they train to their own desires. With them you should not worry. All these fabrics hide a small volcano that only asks to erupt and the cornet that adorns these heads affirms the solidity of a resolution of which he knows the fragility.

- A sinful Eve? What interest may you have in meeting an Eve? Finally if you really want to ... But you know when it comes to women there are two categories: the hit and the sly. This one would rather be in the category sneaky. Anyway, it seems that this creature has taken the decision not to respect our rules. Besides, you will find it easily. She lives on the island of Huahine and in uniform ... well, you know ...

Now Lupsilon continues in a whisper the statement of the rules he patiently worked out:

The womb of girls is not intended for pleasure because it is the place that God has chosen for it to be the receptacle in which children will be created. Since women should only devote their bodies to procreation, men should sort of deliver their seed to them. The sensations they will give them will be intended to achieve this goal and they will only open to receive this seed. This is why the use of condoms is prohibited by the church because it prevents the reception of the seed is a sin. The sexual act that creates life is the will of GoodGold and this will must not meet any obstacle. The womb of women is the receptacle of the semen which will fertilize them so that they give birth to children whom the priest will bless and enslave. Children are intended for priests so that they can enjoy them. Men have invented two books. In the Bible are told the stories of God, his son and the creature. In the Kamasutra are presented some recipes for entertaining and giving pleasure. Girls should know the first book and ignore the second because priests are the only ones who can interpret the word of God. They must fear and love the priest's mouth who alone has the truth. They must beware of the mouths of men who want to give them pleasure but do not wear a cassock.

After this homily the old man seemed exhausted. The priest standing next to Lupsilon signals to him: the interview is over. Another sign: Jules has to kiss a trembling, wrinkled hand.

6 - Jules's beliefs

... Jules believes in the existence of a certain number of entities, which would have existed in the past and which for some of them would still exist. For some of these entities it is not necessary to provide proof since Jules places them in a framework that surpasses humans who can barely imagine a power far beyond their own. For other entities which would have a hybrid character between the god and the human, Jules refers to scientific evidence: relics, pieces of tissue, bone fragments, support her beliefs.

Jules believes in the existence of a number of events in which these entities played a role. These events are old and therefore difficult to verify, but they are described in books defined as sacred. The events described in books listed as sacred do not have to be shown.

And then Jules likes to find this community which comes together to practice its rites. He is particularly fond of the one in which he consumes a piece of bread, imagining that it is human flesh. He likes to drink wine imagining that he it is human blood. His religion perpetuates the rite of the tribe gathered to engage in anthropophagous practices. Among all the tribal practices it is undoubtedly the one which has the most power because it is transgressive. The rite that accompanied by screams and grunts of pleasure is accomplished today with a procedure intended to mark the adhesion to the group.

Jules measures his faith by the consistency of his practice. He reinforces it with a whole set of words, songs and movements that make him stand up, sit down and kneel. he likes to comply with this discipline imposed by the priest and he likes also to hear it in the variety of tones which it adopts when addressing its parishioners. He loves his sweet voice that evokes the meadows of paradise and he loves his thunderous voice when he announces to sinners that they will burn in hell for eternity. He agrees with her. The bad guys must understand that if they do wrong they will be punished. It is to warn them, it is out of sheer kindness that he warns them. Jules can't scream as loud as the one who knows and holds the truth. Jules believes everything Lupsilon says, but he has to admit that sometimes he does have some doubts all the same.

Page 3 - Genesis


1 - PetitFaitout registers

... So here is Adam has a girlfriend. She is beautiful and her first name is Eve. Together they form the humanity gang on earth. Adam and Eve are happy in the company of their friends Kama the rabbit and Sutra the serpent. They do not use pesticides and everyone lives in peace in a beautiful garden, including the carnivorous animals who prefer to eat grass rather than devour each other. It could have gone on like this for all eternity, but this small community felt threatened by a terrible evil: boredom. Fortunately the Boss is watching and he has some old tricks in store.

2 - Adam Eve Kama and Sutra

... A simple consultation of the PetitFaitout registers allows Jules to discover on your strange window the page created by Adam and his companion. From which it appears that Adam lives on a nearby island with the creature from his coast. The images on this page are of a happy couple with posts that are always somewhat the same. We see the couple gorging themselves on heaps of fruit and vegetables with from time to time a image of barbecue, because there are a lot of animals on the island and they provide delicious meat.

The couple have established a special relationship with Kama. The flesh of this rabbit is certainly sweet and it could well appear on the menu but while waiting for this happy event they have great pleasure in caressing it.
Flowers bloom in the fresh air and bees come to forage on them. When the wind blows it produces a nice music with the leaves of the trees and this music matches very well with that produced by the stream whose water is perfectly transparent. The climate is mild with just a little rain to water the vegetables Adam is going to pick. When it comes to clothes, we stay rather rudimentary, and Eve always keeps the same outfit.
They're happy. They indulge in simple pleasures that the Kama rabbit sometimes comes to associate with his buddy Sutra. Between them Kama and Sutra make the pair and with their overflowing imagination they organize all kinds of games.

On the other hand, Adam is a little wary of the Sutra which sometimes holds strange speeches. Sutra claims that there is a fruit which allows to obtain all the knowledge of the boss. Adam is right to be suspicious because the features of Sutra's character seem inextricably linked to its smooth, slimy forms that allow it to creep into every corner. Adam and Eve don't have a mind much bigger than a thimble and their thirst to know is just as limited. Since he already masters some secret corners of his body, it is in the meanders of Eve's reptilian brain that Sutra finds it easiest to intrude.

- Miss Ève, you are absolutely wonderful, and as my various explorations have enabled me to verify, you have quite extraordinary physical assets. However, you lack that little extra without which you will not be able to evolve around the world.

- And what is this little extra my good Sutra?

- Dear Eve, you need to master the English language, but rather than a long and difficult learning so take a bite of this apple. You will see that the effect is immediate, a few apples and you will be fluent in English.

3 - Guilty pleasure

... There are ten apples on the tree and as she picks these fruits, Eve delights in a new pleasure, the one that her guilt gives her. Before offering it to her companion, Eve makes it a point to taste the fruit. This apple a bite does not trigger immediate effects and it has no consequences for the future of humanity. Indeed to create Eve the boss has tinkered a little. Rather than redoing the model entirely, he cloned a part detached from the male element. If Eve can eat as many apples as she wants, she still keeps one for Adam and always one for thirst.

4 - The first sin

... Adam and Eve are one but it seems that this time the female part of the couple is going through an event of extreme intensity. Things could have stopped there but they are a very close couple. What one tasted, the other must taste it too, and Adam responds to Eve's invitation. In his turn, he bites an apple which not only causes the disappearance of the apple but also the appearance of sin.

5 - GoodGold gets angry

... "Blessed are the poor in spirit ...". Until then the GoodGold had been satisfied to deal with a nice couple certainly, but a little limited on the intellectual level. According to the contract in force, the Boss was in charge of managing his planet and the couple Adam and Eve had to be content to enjoy its benefits without trying to understand. Sometimes the GoodGold would mutter under his breath: "They are nice but all the same they are a bit stupid!". But the, big problem ! The Boss is angry and decides that Adam and Eve will no longer be able to use the benefits of the garden. They will have to work and earn money. And in addition, they will no longer have the right to make the figures of pages 58 to 237 of the Book.

6 - Working Consuming Sinning

... With a penny you buy an apple or buy an indulgence. Working causes an expenditure of energy. The energy consumed in the form of an apple gives you two cents.
It's not funny every day but there is a Paradise. To enter it, you must have freed yourself from your sins. For sinners with some financial means, the remission of sins can be bought from the Catholic Church Roman. An indulgence makes it possible to erase a sin, but only the church is able to carry out the operation. A pure wonder.
It takes an apple to work because any energy expenditure requires fuel. It is therefore necessary to work to feed oneself and to buy indulgences and not to multiply the sins which could increase the bill.

7 - Brain Bowler

... Eve has changed. She's not satisfied with apples anymore, but she needs burgers and Coca Cola. She now has problems with being overweight, is often depressed and cries over nothing. Her shrink admits to being helpless to relieve her and as far as the English language is concerned, she barely gossips a few words. Everything has become more complicated. Now you have to work to be able to feed yourself and innocent pleasures have come from sins.
Her voice is soft and she always smiles she has an unfailing kindness. However, Eve is there without really being there, she remains totally absorbed by her Messenger. Adam often has the impression that his reactions are not really hers, but she is under the influence. Adam's gaze is constantly attracted by its forms, by the delicate features of his face, by his slender and slender legs. The reports are remained in these terms: Adam is the one who asks and Eve is the one who grants. Physical attractiveness surpasses all other concerns and Adam lost all critical thinking. She is attractive and he remains invested with presence of his body nearby.

8 - Dogs and cats

... Eve makes no effort to understand the world around her. His knowledge is fairly basic. She does not understand the need for a long-term investment in learning. There is in her a laziness which is his way of being. She never leaves her role of seductress. Eve doesn't impose herself, she just waits. This is not a submission, it is more of a leak. She has no truth to impose. Truth matters little. What matters more is that everything goes smoothly. Eve is unreliable. She does not keep her commitments. She says yes to please, but she is always in a process in which she escapes her responsibilities. Ultimately its activity remains quite low. She remains immersed in the life she dreamed of. His expression is distressing poverty. Eve remains fascinated by her Messenger and has nothing to say.
After hard work you have successfully taken this step. You are washed of your sins. Your family, your boss, everyone is proud of you. You deserve a reward!

9 - Petit Faitout

... Eve came from the rib of Adam. Two sons. A rather confused family life where everyone fiddles with. Obviously it ends badly. A brother kills his brother. A little girl is born, but we don't really know where she comes from the. Incest on all floors. They multiply. They are assembled.

- What's for dinner tonight?

She lifts her eyes from her screen for a moment, then immediately plunges. When she passes a thousand points on her Brain Bowler she goes into ecstasy. It is impossible for him to deal with any other subject.
Finally, a few hundred multicolored bubbles burst on her screen to celebrate a new victory and Eve returns in single-task mode. Noises of cupboard doors reach him. You are find that she didn't bother to shop. Eve finally gives up her tablet to join you.

- There is a new restaurant that just opened in the neighborhood. Maybe we could go check it out?

She saw the advertisement on her Smart. It will do her good to walk a bit, she has not been out of the apartment for three days.

- Good idea honey, let's go!

Now might not be the best time to go out for dinner because you've just heard you're going to be fired. As you have to tell him the news, you tell yourself that this could be the framework appropriate in which she will consent to pay attention to you. Most of the time, Eve is in direct communication with GoodGold through her Smart. Moments of loneliness distress her so she rejoins her friends on the PetitFaitout at all hours of the day and night. It starts as soon as you wake up. She turns on her Smart to discover the notification of new posts from her friends. Le PetitFaitout always has news for her game suggestions. Eve eats exclusively on virtual apples, her thinness has increased in proportion to her addiction, and Adam is sorry to stroke the sides of a starving Eve.
You are at the restaurant. You contemplate the forehead of your companion as she writes a new message. However, you have chosen this framework hoping to see her devote a little attention to you and then, with your dismissal, the possibilities of going to restaurant may become rarer.
Thanks to PetitFaitout, Eve can cultivate her favorite theme: dogs and cats. She shares this passion with a very large group of friends which allows her to receive an infinite number of animal photos. Eve joins her comment to that of her friends and it always comes down to the same appreciation:

- Animals are much better than humans.

Eve has just received a picture of a very cute cat and expressing her joy with a Like seems insufficient to her. It seems to him absolutely essential to share the enthusiasm that this publication gives him through chosen words:

- Really so cute!

Eve shares with you the comment she just posted showing off the photo of the litter of puppies that caused this emotion. You are going to have to spoil his joy with the bad news you are carrying. Yet a more urgent question arises immediately with the arrival of the menus: will Eve be able to feed herself?

- I don't see a vegetarian menu.

How to eat meat when you love animals? As you have already seen, there are different categories in this family. To put it simply, there are two: the tolerant and the painful. Eve belongs to the second category, which means that the composition of each dish is scrutinized. Suspicion of the presence of meat, even in minute quantities, leads to rejection.

10 - Distributor

... She smiles at you and she always says yes to you. She tells you yes, but he knows in advance that he will not keep his promise. He says yes to you because he wants to please you. He still agrees. No matter the subject or the issue, he just wants everything is going well. When what he promised turns out to be false, when the product he sold you is ineffective, when you wait in vain for him at the appointment you had arranged, he will not be there.
It doesn't matter to him, he just needs to have everything going well the moment you meet him. He agrees with everything and he agrees with everyone. He agrees with the parish priest who explains to his children that it is possible to walk on water and with the professor who explains to them the push of Archimedes. He condemns barbarism but he communicates regularly with other canibals. He reads scientific journals on the Big Bang, but he can just as easily argue that the world was created in a week. It supports the scientific theses on the appearance of humans on earth as well as the infantile dogmas of the church.
Also you know he lies over and over again. He lies in a society which has made lying a principle of operation and power. However, you cannot escape his lies because your brain works on a different principle. For you the truth is first and you find yourself lost in this world of uncertainty.

There always comes a time when his lies become unbearable to you. You have to find extenuating circumstances for him. The culture of lying was instilled in him from an early age. Because the strength of belief is measured by the yardstick of the coarseness of the lies the churches tell and impose on our children. It is perpetuated by adults who know how to trap the gullible. Religious orders invent their rules and their hierarchy. They find relays among those they have embarked on this cohort of liars. These disciples will be the most virulent to proclaim the worst imbecilities produced by the deficient brains of spoiled old men. You have chosen the restaurant for the sophisticated cuisine it offers but also for its frame. She chose a table on which the coming light gives a particularly favorable relief to her features. As you contemplate her face with delight, you are bound to realize that you have nothing of your own say. As you have already seen, while she perfectly masters the art of placing her voice in a sweet register, her areas of interest remain limited to small everyday problems. Eve lives in a world where the only major issues are on choosing a lipstick or nail polish.

She doesn't have much to tell you, but she frantically activates her Messenger, her one and almost only interlocutor when she is with you. The dishes served in the restaurant, the clothes or the places you visit are photographed and are the subject of a message. As you cherish every moment of intimacy with her, those moments are taken from you when she shows you that she wants to share them with others. With these she must find more interest than with your person and the image she most often presents to you is that of her face leaning on her Messenger, her constant companion. It was quite difficult for you to admit, but you had to come to terms with it: you are nothing else to her, than the one who pays, an ATM.

Page 4 - A life


1 - Grow and multiply!

... Among his creations the GoodGold had created desire and suffering. When it came to the suffering he attributed most of it to me. So I have given birth a considerable number of times in pain, as have my daughters whom Adam also impregnated by claiming to answer GoodGold's call: "Grow and multiply!" " The GoodGold spared me no pain in making my first son an assassin. Cain had a bright future in organic farming and he worked hard while his brother Abel lounged in the fields and ran after his sisters while pretending to whoever would listen that he had entered the breeding industry. My Cain has always been extremely gentle and I know well why he came to hate his brother. All of this would not have happened if the GoodGold had not decided to organize a small party for us country people, a first agricultural show. Of course, since it was new, this party was a huge success. Cain had displayed magnificent fruits and vegetables, while his brother had killed some sheep from his flock. I, who follow the mother of my two oldest children, know how awkward it is to show a preference for a child. That day I was careful not to show my preference for fruits and vegetables of Cain rather than dead animals, yet I have always been a vegetarian, I love all fruits and vegetables, especially apples. Well, the GoodGold had to step in! Instead of cheering each other on, the GoodGold went directly see Abel to congratulate him and he didn't take a single step towards the other pits. If there is one who was disgusted, it is my Cain! Yet if I continue to bear the pain of mourning my son, I know who is the real one responsible for the way the situation escalated: it is against this meat-devourer, it is against this GoodGold that Cain should have turned his arm! You can't say that family life has been easy.
When he decided heaven was over, the GoodGold didn't give us any presents. You had to earn your bread by the sweat of your brow. give birth in pain, earn his bread by the sweat of his brow ... Cain was a good farmer but with the pace of work he had to endure, he became bitter. All the same he was the eldest, we can't say that he gave a good example. Then it did not improve.

2 - Birth

... It took many generations before Marie Thérèse appeared. Her history with Joseph has never been very clear. At the time, she worked at La Duquesnoy and she did housework. When she got pregnant she got angry with his boss:

- No Madmae, I didn't sleep with a boy. I swear!

- Don't swear Marie Thrèse!

La Duquesnosy got angry and Marie Thérèse found herself on the street. After that we had to find a place so that she could give birth. There was like an emergency, so the father took what he found. He negotiated with a local peasant and that's how it is that The Jesus was born in a stable. Usually when they traveled her parents could not afford the hotel. So the father would arrange with a peasant to be able to sleep in the shelter. Seeing the mother blistered, the peasant always had a little pity.

And then the father had done a little carpentry and on a farm there is always furniture or tools to repair. So they would stay three or four days, enough time for the father to put a few chairs back on their feet. There was always something to eat in farms. After he was born this continued, the farmers still had a job for his father and their wives were fond of the baby.

3 - Balance

... While all the comrades of his age had renounced these childishness, LeJesus indulged in all kinds of eccentricities. Some of his jokes have marked the spirits. It is even said that we saw him walk on water and rise in the air, but his friends may have mistaken him for Superman or Spider-Man. It is true that he was a brilliant athlete during his youth. The decay has come with the years. It was therefore necessary to provide assistance and sometimes to replace the parts. used. With the few capacities which he still has, he also uses a vehicle provided with the accessories necessary to endanger the lives of his contemporaries. His slow reflexes are the cause of some bloody episodes.
In many circumstances the many devices with which it is provided have shown their limits. On the other hand, he is quite satisfied with the hard drive with which he was provided to compensate for his faulty memory. Although his state of health continues to deteriorate The Jesus sees his future with optimism, because if the difficulties to accomplish the gestures of the daily life do not cease increasing, he has full confidence in the progress of science which allows him to accomplish a great number of acts from a distance. Jesus projects himself into a future where he will have fulfilled his destiny when his material existence will be sufficiently simplified so that, reduced to a mollusc state, he can exercise his art by the sole exercise of thought. Becoming a pure spirit isn't it not there a magnificent prospect?

He could have followed his father's example and become a carpenter, but the desire to shine in large popular gatherings came to him quite early. He liked to distinguish himself by his eccentricities among comrades of his age with his talents illusionist and acrobat. His favorite exercise was to rise in the air, much higher than a specialist in high jump, constantly improving his technique through daily training to walk on a wire or to chain pirouettes. As soon as he reached the required age he signed an apprenticeship contract in a circus but he was impatient to wait his turn to perform his number and he had some difficulty in complying with the regulations put in place by the Direction. So he decided to set up on his own. He carried all his equipment on donkeys to participate in the festivities that could take place in the surrounding villages. His performances were very successful. He had also succeeded to renew some turns using breads and fish instead of the traditional rabbits and doves.

However, he remained cautious and most of the time he performed his tricks in front of an audience of gullible peasants and shepherds. He was right to be careful because one of his tricks had caused great discontent among the bakers, when the The multiplication of breads had caused a fall in the price of flour. It was during this period that he was tempted to become dictator by calling himself Julius Caesar. His friends were able to dissuade him by pointing out to him that if Italians are people moreover very sympathetic, he had perhaps an interest in being wary of the Romans. They also pointed out to him that apart from his talents as a balancing act he had quite remarkable reasoning skills. He could use his abilities other than as a dictator. Jules had to admit the merits of his friends' remarks.

4 - Loves

... We have few elements on the loves of LeJesus This leads us to ask ourselves the question: Is Jules Compacteur a cyborg? This would probably be the explanation for an atrophied libido. The mysteries surrounding his birth let us would lead one to think so.

Unless his discretion on the subject is voluntary and intended to allow him to play this strange role of a sort of divinity. The few accessories he has at his disposal do not mean that he is devoid of all sensitivity. Anyway, and although he has kept very low profile on this issue, it seems he has had a lot of success with women. Before he knew the ravages of age and began to fall apart, he was that fragile and disembodied youngster they all wanted to protect. Acting according to the laws of nature was not forbidden to him, only concupiscence and bitterness are sins.
Since when they met him they approached perfection and were consumed in divine love, it was inconceivable that this bliss was not shared, so it spread to everyone with infinite generosity. He gave himself without restraint. "Take this is my body" He never refused and all these gifts of his person only accentuated this thinness and this ethereal look that they found so attractive. Among all these stories, some have had an importance particular? Did Jules manage not to get lost among all these women's bodies? It seems that divine love has particular properties which allow it to escape the heartbreaks of our vulgar loves. So many of them have asked a reproduction of her sweet face on their bedside table. Those who hung a bloody butterfly on the wall above their bed did not know him.
So all things can be classified according to two states: when one is positive, the other is negative. The Jesus perceives his internal organization as the reflection of the organization of the world which surRonds him. The images that scroll across its screen, the sounds it can pick up, it all comes down to a long succession of binary information that defines the passage of currents of minuscule power. Besides, the world obeys a simple organization: either the current passes, or the current does not. This flow is the manifestation of the power of a being or thing, although it has some difficulty in defining what it is.

For LeJesus, the current plays a role that closely resembles that of his father. From there come all his knowledge. He must not have left many memories with his teachers because he was a student of great discretion. If its interventions were rare, but he knew how to make his teachers uncomfortable. It was obvious then that he knew a lot more than them.

5 - Small boxes

... There is no unanimity when you have a career as a private detective. By disentangling affairs of all kinds, he had made a lot of enemies. Obviously he received threats. Small boxes in the shape of a coffin were sent to him. He has some now a whole collection. Instead of being frightened he is delighted to have such a collection. The woods come in a wide variety of species.

He reserves his small boxes for all kinds of uses. He therefore has wooden boxes to store pepper and salt and boxes to store his socks or toothbrushes. Have his opponents heard of the little effect of their threats? they have chose another tactic to try to scare him. As they know that LeJesus is a former acrobat and that he travels a lot, they try to scare him by hanging a small sculpture all over the place. This represents an acrobat who cannot no longer to move because it is hooked by the hands and the feet. It's bigger or smaller, but it's still the same sculpture.

However, if LeJesus understood the message correctly, he refuses to interrupt his career until he has accumulated sufficient savings to allow him to consider a comfortable retirement.

6 - Testament

... As the GoodGold had announced that they had decided to change their will, there were all kinds of exchanges of posts to comment on this news and everyone agreed to organize a banquet for celebrate the event. At GoodGold it is a fantasy that comes to him from time to time. In his favorite work, pages have been added to the pages and the document thickened. This is why the GoodGold sometimes gets lost in the mass of leaves dedicated to its glory. If he is aware of the need to tidy up this mess, he is not sure how to undertake the necessary tidying up. Despite his immense powers, he sometimes doubts the meaning of this disorderly pile of manuscripts, although the text in its globality remains inflexible in its orientation. He makes it clear that the peoples who deserve his blessings are those who worship him, while all others are cursed and must be doomed to bemoan. The GoodGold having established a principle according to which he was love, submission to this principle and therefore to his divine entity becomes the rule.

He realizes it, his creatures start to tire of his old world. For his son's birthday, he got the idea to organize a banquet during which he will announce to his heirs a new version of his will. It will be a completely revised and corrected version in which he will designate his son as his main heir. For the occasion he is aware of the need to renew his speech. If he found the title for this new production, he remains hesitant to write the beginning. The verb has known the erosion of time at home. "Once upon a time," "In the beginning," it seemed to him that if he could formulate the first sentence everything else should follow without difficulty. It hardly comes because he doesn't have much to tell. He arrived in a wheelchair and has a speech about his digestive problems that is absolutely irrelevant.

Page 5 - Some Ronds for the banquet


1 - Some Ronds for the banquet

... There is the question. A menu of apples for a banquet is a bit short. So we need Ronds. To earn Ronds you have to work and to find the necessary energy you have to pick a few apples and eat them.

2 - Stay innocent

... The apple provides access to knowledge, but GoodGold does not tolerate this intrusion into its reserved domain.

3 - Life is hard

... Neither tractors nor fertilizers, to produce the slaves must sweat and not commit crimes. To win two Ronds you have to let them consume an apple. A minimum jackpot is necessary to move forward.

4 - Celebration

... Celebrating the birth of a deity can be an occasion to celebrate. However, this remains quite archaic. It is possible, however, to find other occasions to rejoice. An important element is the number of participants. A dozen seems sufficient here.

Page 6 - Celebration


1 - Celebration

... For the organization of the banquet the GoodGold decided to trust VieilAbram. He has verified in the past that he can count on VielAbram under all circumstances. A room of sufficient size was needed to accommodate a large assembly because this day is also the son's birthday. VielAbram finds it all a bit confusing, but this time again he has resolved to obey his leader's direction. He is prepared for any eventuality and he hides a large knife under his cloak. It was Isaac who decided to put a ram on the menu. He responded to GoodGold's injunction:

- Cook me a sheep!

This request seemed rather reassuring to Isaac. He still remembers the day VielAbram was about to slice off his neck, before roasting his corpse to serve as an offering to the GoodGold.
Isaac browned the pieces of the ram in the pan. He chopped garlic and onions. His dish is accompanied by various vegetables and he did not forget to add thyme and peppers.
The couple Adam and Eve make a grand entrance. Adam has a shaved head. He adopted a black trench coat and Doc Martens. His pale complexion makes him look like a zombie straight out of his coffin.
Eve worked in the Gothic register with a firecracker haircut and a very short skirt. Fishnet stockings hint at the tattoos on her legs. The red of her lips is accentuated by the pale complexion of her face. Piercings of the nose and tongue, a large silver chain around her neck complete her outfit.
The Jesus came and sat to the right of the GoodGold. He shows quiet confidence. This boy has an excellent balance and that is due to an irreproachable hygiene of life. Every day he uses an algae mask before going to sleep and he cleans the skin of her face with a cream composed of seaweed and extracts of papaya and apple. For the occasion he donned a large linen shirt, a fabric perfectly suited not to irritate the skin.
Pontius Pilate, the representative of the Emperor Tiberius, took his place next to VielAbram. VielAbram absolutely wants to show him all the benefits of the new calendar. He explains to her that he has the support of Jesus and the BigBoss but the speech of his neighbor irritates Pontius Pilate to the highest point because he has some difficulty in admitting that one can dispute the Julian calendar, the calendar of Julius Caesar.
A new couple came to sit next to Isaac. Samsung is dressed in a tank top that showcases his magnificent musculature and it sports an Iroquois crest in flamboyant tones. He remains under the spell of the voice with poisonous tones and spellbinding words of Delilah whispering words of love in her ear.
In the initial seating plan there were only men. In order not to come across as misogynist, some concessions had to be made to feminists and Marie was invited to her son's birthday party. She stealthily entered and she came sit next to the PetitFaitout dog.

As his dog has taken his place between Marie and Eve, the Little Faitout is seated at the foot of the chair and he contemplates his beast with veneration. He tries to answer a question that obsesses him:

- What do you have in mind?

As the mop remains perfectly indifferent to his questions, he turns to Marie:

- What do you have in mind?

With this hubbub, LaMarie misunderstood the question:

- What's on your mind?

Marie wears the traditional dress of the south, a long black dress and a veil covers her hair. She is so used to the pain of the discomfort in her clothes, she is not sure what to answer.
Le PetitFaitout is well aware of this, he communicates more easily with his dog than with human beings.

2 - A table of twelve

... You are placed between the prefect and the general. The guests are reached this stage where the amount of food eaten turns into a feat any attempt to get up from their seat. To accompany refined dishes submitted to the appreciation of informed palates, the best vintages were presented to the guests. A controversy has arisen between connoisseurs who have not the same appreciation of a wine, which some qualify as divine or fabulous, while others claim that the brew is only the result of a shameful trafficking, manipulation of temple merchants, guilty bandits to produce a standardized and bland wine with the sole objective of achieving vile and quick profits.

If the heads are ready to warm up, the bellies are too heavy for we are really thinking of coming to blows in an assembly made up of all the great fortunes of the city, more inclined to trickery than to dangerous clashes. You give your opinion and you receive the general's approval and the prefect, support that made a strong impression. And then the noises coming from the street indicate that the cavalcade is about to begin. With this sense of purpose that all recognize him the mayor gets up to raise a toast and he invites all those who wish to follow the show to join him on the balcony.

On the stirrups of their great horses, intoxicated with blood and grape-shot, here are the Cuirassiers charging at a gallop. Eager to offer their lives and to burn themselves in the heat of battle, here are the Hussars. They are followed by Dragons ready to accomplish their massacres. Sabers shine and spears sparkle.

They ride, they are indefatigable, the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. They move forward, the mission of which they are invested made them invincible. To the four corners of the earth they will go exterminate those who do not have faith. You know that the hour comes an angel you will lead to allow you to enjoy the delights of eternal rest. You know that there will be no forgiveness for all unbelievers and that in the hour of their dead they will go directly to hell.

3 - Vinegar

... It turned out rather confusing, which is why the event was subsequently commented on with all kinds of interpretations. Certainly everyone had been drinking a lot and it was precisely about the wine that things turned sour. The wine had been brought by VielAbram and Pontius Pilate had ordered his slave to fill the cups. The assembly had discussed different topics, then it came to comments on the taste of wine.

- This wine tastes like blood.

Isaac had bided his time to make this statement. He had said this sentence while looking VielAbram straight in the eyes. So VielAbram got up, rushed over to his son and tried to strangle him. He would undoubtedly have succeeded if the PetitFaitout's dog did not intervene. When PetitFaitout's dog rushed at him, VielAbram let go. Isaac collapsed, dragging the tablecloth that covered the table with him. There followed considerable chaos and a brawl general.

It was only when calm returned that it was realized that JesusCraïst was lying unconscious. VielAbram used his favorite method of resuscitation. The very many slaps he gave made the cheeks of JesusCraïst blush but according to all in all likelihood he had lost his life.

Who killed JesusCraïst? Of course three suspects can be eliminated:

- GoodGold himself always responsible but never guilty

- PetitFaitout which was passing by by chance.

- Marie, which we know does not have sufficient autonomy for the slightest daily action.