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My grain of salt appeared on March 19, 2003 while I was living in Polymynesia. At the time the writing of my dynamic pages was based on html and asp. I had discovered computing in self-taught, with the first version of DOS. The first compatible P.C. appeared as well as different versions of the Basic language. Subsequently I received a year of training at the University, while the National Education set up a Computer Option in high schools. This training was for me a passage from what is generally called "hack" to something more serious. Each of us knows an original relationship particular with this special object. As far as I am concerned, my current mode of use retains the imprint of my initial discovery. I worked a long time on my application CGAO (Assisted General Accounting by Computer) to evaluate the recording of accounting entries. The aim was to avoid repetitive correction work by substituting them the use of a database. This approach was limited at the time by equipment constraints.
The writing of the computer code presents a playful aspect which explains all its attraction. Understanding the code means investing in it. As soon as the rules of a language are assimilated, the game consists of achieve an objective by overcoming the constraints of a communication based on a definitively binary principle : the current passes or does not pass. The algorithmic construction will not be sanctioned by a biased appreciation of subjectivity, the verdict is given by the machine. Faced with this obtuse behavior, the programmer has only two weapons at his disposal which are his genius and his obstinacy. If I'm aware of having well progressed since the writing of my first html page, the considerable time that I devoted to the code does not allow me to have the conviction of my genius. I am also aware that the progress I have obtained in the presentation of my pages comes largely from the evolution of the syntax of the code.

The first rules of writing code are efficiency and brevity. In this process, freedom is not completely absent, since several steps are possible to achieve a result. The process that governs the writing of a story is obviously very different and we can even say that it has nothing to do, except that we must also use a keyboard.

By devoting a large part of my pages to the writing of stories, I found that if the choice of the browser as a presentation medium was of interest, the machine did not necessarily allow to lighten my creative work. On the contrary, if we try to use it to go beyond a linear presentation of the text.

After vain debates on the devolved place to the various supports, the digital page appears today with its strengths and its weaknesses. I was interested in the possibility of varying the modes of access to the story. Can we give a place to the image and the game next to a text claiming some literary qualities? I found my approach after multiple attempts. The organization of my stories and of my travel photos allowed me to improve the presentation of my columns and the logic of my javascript functions.

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Jean-Max Thuille