Is there a pilot aboard the plane ?


I watch the long line of travelers slowly advancing. I see a free counter and go there directly. The employee who welcomes me tells me that her counter is not yet open. I do not care and as I stand there in front of her, handing her my ticket and passport, she ends up grabbing it with an annoyed smile. I put down my suitcases and then I pass in front of the other candidates for the trip by gratifying them with a big mocking smile.

- You are already back! Say, you did it quickly! Well done!

Fabienne already has her boarding pass. She has always greeted my exploits with enthusiasm. I appreciate hearing it but today I have the impression of a rather conventional attitude and it is quite unpleasant. Yet I still have the same satisfaction in traveling with Fabienne. As I settle down next to her at the gate, I am aware of the looks that are turning to us. She is still twenty years younger than me. Fabienne pulls me by the sleeve and she whispers in my ear:

- Did you see that bunch of old pigs? They haven't stopped watching me since I sat here!

I take a look at the neighboring seats. The average age is high. For a trip to an Asian country, it is not difficult to know what drives some of the travelers. After a detour through duty free we embark.

Business class