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Un fichier sécurisé pour nos mots de passe

Combien de mots de passe devez vous mémoriser?  Si vous faites le compte cela finit par faire beaucoup. J’ai pratiqué la grande feuille et les cartes de visite.  Les petites cartes de visite offrent l’avantage de pouvoir ne garder à portée de main les seuls mots de passe indispensables. La multiplicité des supports présente l’avantage de répartir les risques,  par contre il m’est arrivé de dupliquer un mot de passe et de ne plus savoir lequel était le bon. Finalement stocker les mots de passe sur un support numérique m’a semblé présenter les meilleures garanties.

Ensuite il ya le choix de l’appareil utilisé et par la même un choix entre Windows, IOS, Android … le fichier lisible sous tous les supports risque également d’être celui qui n’aura pas la vertu de confidentialité recherchée. Au bout du compte Windows m’est apparu comme le plus approprié,  c’est encore le système d’exploitation le plus répandu et le fichier texte c’est encore ce qu’il y a de plus simple.

J’ai ensuite testé une application de cryptage en javascript mais Le test a révélé que certains caractères n’étaient pas traités, fâcheux pour mes mots de passe. D’autres programmes plus sophistiqués offraient de meilleurs garanties, mais j’ai poursuivi mes recherches du clé en mains.

7zFM est gratuit. Il me semble correspondre à ma problématique :

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Digital offers media for producing written pictures and movies.  Make money while using technologies that allow With regard to the book, present books using these new formats
seemed enough to talk about digital books. From the moment a
book is presented in this format or even from the moment the mode of
The digital book offers no superior quality over the paper book.
It will even have a much lower quality the day it is made available to the
reader with a limited life as it is already the case for some cards
I cherish my books and paper cards. The smell is
Talking about ebooks results from diktats imposed by companies in
quasi-monopoly situation. These companies use a dominant position to
make the most of a market. With regard to literature, this one is
finds today heavily impoverished when the primary concern is no longer the quality
or the originality of a work but its ability to make buzz and generate
turnover. In this operation the author is the poor relative when his
Editions Humanis : “Combien gagne un auteur ?”
“>”_blank”> Humanis Editions: “How much does an author earn?”
In 1960, the OuLiPo, “” founded by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais,
confronted with the search for new languages, a new way of conceiving
Literature Workstation
Even if it’s a bit short, it seems that the division of labor has resulted in a
specialization in tasks that condemns the mixing of genres. The production
of games and programs leading to a market is done in a framework that is
Is there still room for a new way of thinking about literature?
The answer I bring to this question is not a speech about the concept,
but the launching of a patient and long-term work.

Html and xml

Writing a program in a language is a form of communication subject to imperative and universal standards, leading to a production devoid of any sensitive or cultural reference. On the other hand, writing for a publication intended for the Internet gives the opportunity of a publication in different languages. Publishing in different languages is technically easy. The difficulty is obviously to write in languages other than the one acquired at birth. As for languages, their appearance as a vehicle of communication dates back to the 80s, before the computer language is reserved for engineers specialized in techniques where the mastery of the material is preponderant. Appearing with internet, html and xml, are the necessary frameworks for the transmission of information.

It Will be Xampp

For a long time I used WAMP as localhost. Proust would have chosen to begin his novel “Du côté de chez Swann” this way if he had lived now ? I am free to believe this as the process of writing has the particularity of requiring isolation to get involved in games and to observe the world with the necessary detachment. In the area of writing my ambition to match Proust will stop there. My work is of a different nature since it is primarily based on a scripture that comes from the use of these strange machines that among other various functions provide our brain crutches.
I wrote a long time but especially I often erased. For over ten years I polished my grain of salt to turn it into a jewel. If I had not prepared for all that time spent at anchor in various ports and other beautiful lagoons I would not have persisted in this somewhat futile approach as I always rewrite the same sentence as Jack Nicholson does in he movie “Shining” writing the same sentence for the eternity. I recommend the stay at anchor to improve productivity. I had this revelation in Cook Bay on Moorea Island where I knew delightful hours by sharing my time between engine repair for my dinghy and the writing of an accounting application in ASP. Retreat into a cockpit for writing code pages in such an environment is one of the most memorable experiences of my life, probably because it is an extreme expression of freedom. The slopes above the lagoon gave the water a color of deep green. Green was tinted blue when I turned my gaze towards the entrance of the lagoon with sandy beaches. After a day of work in the shade, diving from the boat to immerse yourself in this world of pure beauty, so much happiness after a task that you might assume arid generates in me a pleasure so extreme …
I wrote a few texts, but I always tried to present them in a mold that was mine. WordPress is an exception. For a long time I used WordPress without need of my localhost. I gave my love to XML an kept away from databases.
My literary preparations have last too long. “The vase does not matter as long you get drunk?” Having been breastfed of technology I chose not to neglect the vase and more than a common pot in which I could pour my sentences I’m used to carry the casket in which I shall be able to show my best sentences. All that for this ? All this work to come to use an application written by others? Not at all! My XML structures are ready, my Javascript code has been painstakingly developed my PHP progresses. I set up my capital, it is stored on my hard drive, it is also in the recesses of my memory. It was built by all those hours spent and yet always resume writing a function to give it the perfect accuracy. It was built from the sites where a chosen people confronted his opinion on the possibilities of the code. I’m a writer developer. Whoever loves me follow me !

Jean-Max Thuille