Thé outlaw copy (Part 6)

A progression in the intrusion

Three periods can be distinguished in the world of the web since its irruption in the daily life of the central countries.

Web 1.0 covers the period 1994-2001. Web 1.0 companies are doing data aggregation work that makes them available to information-seeking users. Google emerges as standard in front of Alta Vista, Lycos, Netscape, AOL, Yahoo! In the field of consumerism, eBay and Amazon are emerging as e-commerce leaders. Prospects for profit seem huge, the bursting of the financial bubble of March 13, 2000 discards the most fragile structures, to leave the field free to the great powers of the virtual world.

Web 2.0 relies on social connections. It is based on intrusion and it develops using different niches. MySpace builds a network that relies on the exploitation of works in the field of music. Facebook is growing from the student network, LinkedIn operates the network executives, Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon rely on the production of content by users …

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