Digital offers media for producing written pictures and movies.  Make money while using technologies that allow With regard to the book, present books using these new formats
seemed enough to talk about digital books. From the moment a
book is presented in this format or even from the moment the mode of
The digital book offers no superior quality over the paper book.
It will even have a much lower quality the day it is made available to the
reader with a limited life as it is already the case for some cards
I cherish my books and paper cards. The smell is
Talking about ebooks results from diktats imposed by companies in
quasi-monopoly situation. These companies use a dominant position to
make the most of a market. With regard to literature, this one is
finds today heavily impoverished when the primary concern is no longer the quality
or the originality of a work but its ability to make buzz and generate
turnover. In this operation the author is the poor relative when his
Editions Humanis : “Combien gagne un auteur ?”
“>”_blank”> Humanis Editions: “How much does an author earn?”
In 1960, the OuLiPo, “” founded by Raymond Queneau and François Le Lionnais,
confronted with the search for new languages, a new way of conceiving
Literature Workstation
Even if it’s a bit short, it seems that the division of labor has resulted in a
specialization in tasks that condemns the mixing of genres. The production
of games and programs leading to a market is done in a framework that is
Is there still room for a new way of thinking about literature?
The answer I bring to this question is not a speech about the concept,
but the launching of a patient and long-term work.

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