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The time of the buddies

Between friends of the Lycée Naval in Brest we made jokes about the theme of our future marriage. One was: the day you get married I will send you my vows on a scroll of ass paper. Determine from the institution but also to prevent the traitors who would have wanted to free themselves from an approach in which the girls were there only to enable us to demonstrate our talents as seducers. The web pages to the indefinite length are marked for me of this image of ass paper  and that is why I wrote my programs to display page numbers that make it possiblei to have pages at the size of The screen. It turns out that it is not very complicated and that the algorithm is very short.

Bank statement and Facebook

There is also a point on which I have meditated at length, which you have all noted, but on which I insist here because it has effects on our way of writing: “The story on Facebook is now “. We do not begin history by the beginning but by the present event. It is the same model as for a bank statement: one begins by reading the most recent operations. Besides if I tell a navigation (link) my first page concerns the most recent stopover. For the event, logic consists in beginning with the end. The problem is probably different to tell a story.

Two reasons to enjoy Facebook

Facebook is intrusive but nowadays unavoidable. For me there are two reasons that make interest:

– Posts on pages that I will not have consulted by myself.

– Posts from close friends who give me news of them wherever they are in the world.

At least four reasons not to love Facebook

– The first reason is related to gratuitousness. For its owners the flow of messages from our beautiful assembly of friends, these are meta-data, it is the raw material that fuels their bank accounts.

– The number of unverified quotes, formulas supposed to reveal great truths, false or biased information.

– Posts of specialized informants. I know that for the most part each of my friends is specialized on a theme: humor, animal defense, surfing, sailing, painting. There are the themes that interest me and the others. In general my friends are not too cons … I keep only a few in this category to see how far they can go! 🙂

-Intrusion into private life, the modern version of the gossip of our villages. For my part if I do not feel concerned by the question it is because my approach is much more proud: I address myself to the world since I have my place on the web to the letter for Grainsalt, just behind Google. How did I get this result? I smoked a lot of the carpet. Yet if you type “interactive novel” you will see my Grainsalt.com site appear in the first pages … only if you are in France. If you type “interactive new” in the US you will see sites that offer cough pellets. This is the result of referencing called “natural”: I do not work on my SEO and I do not pay my SEO. I only know that there are pros whose specialty is to occupy the least space on the canvas.


More proud than I am! Not only did I not design my site to address my compatriots but I designed it to address the world! I do not know about you, but for me the canvas is the discovery of modesty. I abandoned pages in Chinese and Arabic. Writing takes time, translate also, even with Google-translater. I can make translations in English, I abandoned the German that I learned in school since I speak English with the Germans and I learn Spanish with a tool that I recommend: Duolingo. It’s simple, especially with a tablet, and it’s free. Otherwise this should be reimbursed by the security for the positive effects on the neurons.

Choosing a writing frame

I started out late and with the awareness of the difficulty of the business. In my prof work I worked on economics law and management, but I chose computer science. When I found time to write I became interested in the form before I became interested in the fund. I can say that today I came to a conclusion on what is not a detail in my opinion. I have made the rounds of my subject. How could I spend so much time on the question ?

First of all because I had no account to give me long breaks. Then, because this domain is that of excellence (again of pride) that the geniuses attain immediately (false because the languages evolve and we must start again) while the others erase and start again. If I erased much I also progressed.

Write in the sustainable.

It is no longer necessary to write fifteen pages of programs to move the mouse. Computers run faster. Languages are more powerful. What changes is:
– Access to self-publishing
– A writing that can aim at the international
– A writing that can integrate ludic approaches, not only games based on graphics but texts, images and what paper can not bring: interactivity.

Write on WordPress

I could have collaborated in the development work of Facebook. I am too proud for that. Of course nobody followed me to develop Grainsalt, of course I did not ask anything. I chose my chalenge.
I was too interested in my subject to dedicate time to WordPress. Between my site Grainsalt and WordPress the difference is that I am the man orchestra (webmaster-developer-photographer-graphic designer-writer) sole master on board on my pages, while WordPress is a professional application open to all. All contributions on the topics of news and writing are welcome.

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