5 February 2017

It becomes a habit. For each of my departures I find myself confronted with the very special attentions of the employee in charge to receive me. Denied boarding in October on the pretext that I did not have a return flight. This time in Manchester, after having scanned my passport the employee tells me that I need a visa, which is perfectly stupid. She made an appeal, consulted her colleagues and her management. Her leadership gave her the right answer: it’s absurd. Finally she gave me my boarding pass. In all these different checks will have taken more than a quarter of an hour. In the event that I had been asked to justify the fact that I did not have a return ticket, I had all the proofs possible, but this time the fact that I present a one-way trip did not arouse No questioning.

Once the visa issue has been settled, the luggage remains. I have no luggage in the hold, I have a small suitcase with wheels that is perfectly adapted to travel in baggage accompanied, but according to the emplyée it must not weigh more than 6 kilos. Inside there is my little backpack and I do a distribution that raises my luggage to three items.

Direction the luggage control. Elsewhere it is rigorous but in Manchester it is not a joke at all. My small suitcase, my laptop bag and my little backpack are making little ones with my tablet, my dock charger, my laptop, my keys, my files and of course my jacket and my belt . My stuff is scattered in seven plastic bins. I am searched to the body like buddies. I have difficulty finding objects that have followed their trajectory. Everything is stirred, everything is combed. A tube of almost empty toothpaste will reach my suitcase after being inserted in a plastic bag. The employee searches each of my luggage and then passes them a second time in the scanner!

Once passed the controls, the duty free contrasts with the area where I had rather the impression of being among the refugees of a zone at war. Opulence and luxury suggest that some passengers travel to shop around rather than to see the country.

Then I worry that I did not find the number of the boarding gate on my boarding pass but it’s normal, it appears on the screen only at the time of embarkation. Still a little more for a relaxed atmosphere!

On arrival in Cancun we are well two hundred tourists to queue at immigration control. After more than half an hour waiting, I give the form I filled in the plane, my passport is stamped.

– Bienvenido en Mexico !

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