It Will be Xampp

For a long time I used WAMP as localhost. Proust would have chosen to begin his novel “Du côté de chez Swann” this way if he had lived now ? I am free to believe this as the process of writing has the particularity of requiring isolation to get involved in games and to observe the world with the necessary detachment. In the area of writing my ambition to match Proust will stop there. My work is of a different nature since it is primarily based on a scripture that comes from the use of these strange machines that among other various functions provide our brain crutches.
I wrote a long time but especially I often erased. For over ten years I polished my grain of salt to turn it into a jewel. If I had not prepared for all that time spent at anchor in various ports and other beautiful lagoons I would not have persisted in this somewhat futile approach as I always rewrite the same sentence as Jack Nicholson does in he movie “Shining” writing the same sentence for the eternity. I recommend the stay at anchor to improve productivity. I had this revelation in Cook Bay on Moorea Island where I knew delightful hours by sharing my time between engine repair for my dinghy and the writing of an accounting application in ASP. Retreat into a cockpit for writing code pages in such an environment is one of the most memorable experiences of my life, probably because it is an extreme expression of freedom. The slopes above the lagoon gave the water a color of deep green. Green was tinted blue when I turned my gaze towards the entrance of the lagoon with sandy beaches. After a day of work in the shade, diving from the boat to immerse yourself in this world of pure beauty, so much happiness after a task that you might assume arid generates in me a pleasure so extreme …
I wrote a few texts, but I always tried to present them in a mold that was mine. WordPress is an exception. For a long time I used WordPress without need of my localhost. I gave my love to XML an kept away from databases.
My literary preparations have last too long. “The vase does not matter as long you get drunk?” Having been breastfed of technology I chose not to neglect the vase and more than a common pot in which I could pour my sentences I’m used to carry the casket in which I shall be able to show my best sentences. All that for this ? All this work to come to use an application written by others? Not at all! My XML structures are ready, my Javascript code has been painstakingly developed my PHP progresses. I set up my capital, it is stored on my hard drive, it is also in the recesses of my memory. It was built by all those hours spent and yet always resume writing a function to give it the perfect accuracy. It was built from the sites where a chosen people confronted his opinion on the possibilities of the code. I’m a writer developer. Whoever loves me follow me !

Jean-Max Thuille

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