Grains to grind. The inevitability of the link.

ISBN 978-2-9532817-3-6

Unconscious of the many manipulations of which you are the object, you leave for a moment the contemplation of your image. You are this unique being, this target heart whose eyes largely closed follow the path of a fly blind lost in a gigantic canvas. While your strange skylight sends back to you the image of a surfer who plays with waves and gravity, you dabble in a huge ocean and you lose your foot, drowned under a flood of innumerable and contradictory answers.
Today you remain prisoner of the gigantic canvas. This time when man mastered the machine is an ancient time, older than that time when you did not exist even in the form of a glow in the eyes of your father. You do not have the knowledge that would allow you to master the machine, you were told that it was too complicated and you easily gave up. In fact we did not ask you anything, nothing but to be docile, because on this subject as on others you do not have to understand.
There was a time when the message was not addressed to ordinary people. It was reserved for those who were not only able to read it but who could also write it. Elected officials had to answer a written message in white or yellow letters on a background that could be black or green. The GoodGold showed its assent to its people, a tiny minority composed of individuals with pale complexion, a sect according to some, wizards holding mysterious powers according to others, humans who had built huge machines to capture the full power of binary and who had assembled circuits in tribute to his digital majesty. Finally the signal appeared, the message of the omnipotence of a spirit in agreement with itself:
- O.K.
Thus was born the Compactor, the strange window destined to manipulate the brains, the worst invention since stubbornly striking two stones against each other the man had given birth to fire to illuminate the images painted on the walls of the caverrnes. So the GoodGold had manifested its all-powerfulness. He intended to offer the truth to the world and to reveal their origin to the inhabitants of the earth. He explained in his pages the beauties of the Big Bang and Genesis, in order to inculcate in children stories of a great naivety having all the attractions of the lie.
Welcome to a crowded world of boring things called money, goods, debts and debts, which are the keys to progressing the story.

GRIN : Game Read Interactive Novel

"The inevitability of the link" contains nine stories. The first is entitled "The hill of the cross" and it invites you to embody Jules Compactor to follow his adventures.